22 Jul

For all those that KNOW they’re not a LEGAL NAME, please return all LEGAL NAME mail to its rightful owner at this address….remember to put this address on BOTH sides as sender and receiver with a label that cannot be peeled off and strike out the BAR code that appears on the bottom of the envelope on BOTH sides….just so it can NOT be read by any scanners….here’s where to send that LEGAL NAME mail…no postage required since all mail with no postage (no mail fraud) ALWAYS gets sent to SENDER….ie the same address on front AND back…mwahs kate!!!

p.s DO NOT write ENGLAND on the adress because LONDON is a country seperate from ENGLAND….just LONDON, period

Address for City of London Corporation, wtf man’s ion house

Mansion House (office of the Lord Mayor)
Private Secretary, William Chapman Mansion House


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