Yelow vest movement highlights and Media coverage

20 Jan

Adelaide  had the biggest  turnout of around 200 people turned up at the rally…  Here are some of the highlights, speeches and what the rally stands for..  around Australia ..

ADELAIDE’S  channel 7’s news coverage!


Mark Aldridge  speech at Victoria Square

Here >>>>


Peter Manuel who is the creator of flag Australia

Represents and lobbies for the farmer’s in South Australia has arpund 40k members with flag Australia..

Here’s his speech at Adelaide’s Yellow vest gathering :

Jenny Halam guest speaker advocate for Medicinal Marijuana at S.A. rally

More Media coverage here :

Thousands of #YellowVests supporters have staged unified protests across #Australia today, delivering messages of resistance to an establishment that has become increasingly monopolized by an oligarchy acting against Australian interests.


SYDNEY highlights


Can you imagine Aussies marching up George Street Sydney calling for dodgy pollies to be sacked using Citizen Initiated Referendum? What about them calling for a proper extended Royal Commission? People were calling out for justice … and they’re not copping the two party shuffle anymore. It all happened yesterday in the middle of Sydney.

BRN’s Dr B was asked to give the speech at Martin Place. Here is the speech transcript >>

CIR is now an election issue. Soon people will only vote for pollies that respect true democracy.

Also you will find important links a the site.

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Ballarat YV photos

Melbourne YV

YV Brisbane

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