Yellow vest rally by states, January 19th 2019 latest news updates also

6 Jan

The Yellow Vest protests started in France and have quickly spread around the world. The overarching reason is that people are fed up with the political and corporate elite who are scamming our social system and undermining our freedoms.

We are nine Yellow Vest groups in Australia who have decided to come together through an agreement. That agreement is designed to help you understand we are a peaceful social movement which is NOT a left or right political movement. Even though we share deep frustrations with the way the system works, we also have some differences in what we believe is wrong and how to fix it, however we’re willing to put that to the side to at least create a united presence.

It is also important to have a consistent message so the media cannot misrepresent us.

If they do, all we need to say is “look here: this is what we’ve agreed to”. If they continue to misrepresent us then their lies would be exposed for the public. And we’d grow our numbers because of it.

On the 19th of January, 2019 there are peaceful protests organised in major cities across Australia. So far they include Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, Melbourne, Ballarat, Cairns, Whitsundays, Townsville, Canberra and Perth.

If you’re interested in attending, they are family friendly events designed to bring awareness to the issues we collectively face. However if you live in a regional area or cannot attend for any reason, we ask that you wear your yellow vest on Saturday the 19th in support.

What are you supporting? The Yellow Vest Movement which rejects “the political and corporate elite who are scamming our social system and undermining our freedoms”.

If you need to purchase a Yellow Vest, they are inexpensive. We encourage you to support your local business or second hand charity shop.

Thank you for reading and your support.

The Australian Yellow Vest Alliance.

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YELLOW VEST 19th January each state loacations and time ..




Yellow Vest – Sydney Details – Saturday 19th of January. The organisers have sent us the following information –

The march leaves Town Hall at 11am and heads to Martin Place where there will be a short speech or two from a specially invited guest.

The police are helping to make sure all goes smoothly. They have been informed that anyone wearing a yellow vest and misbehaving is not a part of the official movement. This is a peaceful, family friendly event. Genuine supporters know that the only way to bring about reform is through unity.

The only flags allowed are the Australian & Aboriginal ones.

Banners and signs can be carried and displayed on non-divisive topics of concern.

CIR – Citizen Initiated Referendum is the big one

BRN Comments – check our weekend posts for more information. These events will be big and are a great opportunity to show the government we want genuine reforms – starting with CIR.

#YellowVests #GilletsJaunes Yellow Jackets Australia Yellow Vests Australia and Worldwide Yellow Vests Australia RIC Referendum Initiated by the Citizen Roman Light Yellow Vest NSW Sydney Yellow Vest Solidarity Protest Brisbane City Yellow vest awareness event “Adelaide” 19th January 2019 Aussie yellow vests rallie

Old video about the failure of democracy and how the game is rigged, kind of still relevant

Published on Dec 5, 2013



Yellow vest Adelaide  Victoria Square City 11am. .. guest speakers 12:00  Organised by Mark Aldridge. . Independent candidate  for SA ..

Independent Candidate Mark Aldridge

Yellow Vest Rally 19th January 11am Victoria Square City Adelaide!  BE THERE NO EXCUSES!!


The location to meet in Victoria has been changed to do our nest to deal with the authorities, as the bike race is also taking up most of the square……….
Meet from 11.00 then a March just after 12.00 pm subject to numbers, police will be assisting the March to Parliament house.
So Saturday the 19th January from 11.00 am at this location, March to Parliament, then speakers will educate on a variety of topics in line with the movement itself.
Please share.

Published on Dec 5, 2013
Watch video below
Yellow vests are our sign of unity and solidarity with the rest of the nations joining on the day.
Flags are to be Australian in the most, either the Blue or red ensign, the Southern cross or the Aboriginal flags.
“FREEDOM, JUSTICE & OUR DEMOCRACY” are not negotiable.


Australians to join worldwide Yellow Vest Movement. First nationwide gathering Saturday 19th of January – see below for details.

BRN is very pleased to see a coalition developing that will lead to people shaking off the chains that bind them – the chains of party political corruption and debt slavery. How will this happen?

Right around the world citizens are realising that there is a criminal system in place that is stealing the time and wealth of the people. In France the Yellow Vest movement is changing politics. It is the same everywhere. Action is already taking place in the UK, Canada, Europe, Taiwan and America.

The simple message is that the people have the real power ….. and people are sick of being manipulated & robbed by two party dictatorships that masquerade as a democracy while serving elite interests.

People are waking up to the reality that the elite control the media and education system. Keeping the masses ignorant has always been important to lock in control over them.

Like BRN – the movement aims to educate and motivate people to take massive and effective action at just the right time.

We have been in touch with Yellow Vest Australia and France. Their spokespeople want Aussies to know what this movement stands for –

1. It is not party political. Parties are a major part of the problem all nations are facing. The aim of the movement is to bring political power back to the people.

2. It is not about engaging in the game the elite run to keep us divided. Race, religion, colour, man, woman, sexuality, left, right, democrat, republican, liberal, labor – all are abused by the elite to keep us divided and fighting among ourselves.

While we are kept busy, frightened and distracted the elite continue to run the game with their rules. We want a new game with our rules.

We are all people with very similar needs and desires. Most of us just want a fair go building a good life for our families in a peaceful country.

We don’t want to be fleeced and overworked to keep the elite enjoying a lifestyle they have not earned and do not deserve.

We do not want unreasonable taxes and government interference limiting our freedoms and rights.

3. The movement is peaceful and not violent. All protestors are encouraged to spread the word respectfully, diligently and cleverly. Any protestor wearing a yellow vest is not a genuine part of the movement if they promote or engage in violence and vandalism. Those that promote hate and vicious nationalism also are imposters or government agents trying to discredit the movement.

The police and military are supposed to be protectors of the people. If we treat them with respect they will realise we are in this together. We are all citizens of this great country and we should be able to rely on each other to help bring about a better way of life for our families and friends by working together peacefully.

4. The Yellow Vest movement advocates one key policy – Citizen Initiated Referendum – CIR (RIC in France). This one change opens the door to help us: weed out political & corporate corruption; bring about finance system reforms; and a host of programs & policies that are in our country’s and people’s interests.

Of course fundamental rights and responsibilities go along with CIR – See here for one model >>

Bank Reform Now salutes France’s Roman Light who has very successfully worked with people right around the world to bring the Yellow Vest message to millions of interested and concerned people >>

We will be helping Aussies from now until the 2019 Election to identify politicians that agree with CIR and the types of reforms it will bring to our country – including reforms to the financial system.

EVENT CALENDAR – CHECK HERE for gatherings in your region >>

We are extremely happy to collaborate with the nine Yellow Vest Australia groups and the International effort. There are no leaders. This is about citizens, families and voters who want to make Australia Fair Again – co-operating peacefully. Let’s show the world the Aussie way of building a system where everyone can get a fair go.

The people have the power ….. and now is the time to use it.

Yellow Jackets Australia Yellow Vests Australia and Worldwide Yellow Vests Australia #YellowVests RIC Referendum Initiated by the Citizen Roman Light Yellow Vest NSW Sydney Yellow Vest Solidarity Protest Brisbane City Yellow vest awareness event “Adelaide” 19th January 2019 Aussie yellow vests rallie



A message regarding the united Yellow Vest Australia Groups and the gatherings organised Australia-Wide on 19/01/19. Share through your networks because we need the message to go wide and far.

Posted by Phillip J Watt on Tuesday, 15 January 2019

p.s. Will add more places as new places come up

Write on your vest things that matter to you.. changes you want to see.. or simply  write yellow vest..



YELLOW VEST UPDATE for Saturday Nationwide Rallies 19.01.19. The link gives details of events already organised.

If you want to add your event contact the crew at their website >>

In distant regions you can gather friends and family in your town and meet at a park … or in front of a bank. Get some photos with your yellow vests on.

Don’t forget to call your local newspaper. Tell then you’re sick of being lied to by politicians and you want to turbocharge our Democracy with Citizen Initiated Referendum.

You can get vests at Bunnings (or wherever you can find one – supplies are running short …. 🙂

The Aussie groups have an agreement to put differences aside for the greater good. This is not a right of left wing thing. Business as usual politics has not served the country well.

If good people & families can get together in a safe environment and demand sensible reforms that bring some power back to the people to enhance our democracy it can only be good for the country.

Check out the BRN posts over the last few days for more info about the movement and how the Aussies will be doing it.

Yellow Vest EVENT LIST >> >>

#YellowVests #GilletsJaunes Yellow Jackets Australia Yellow Vests Australia and Worldwide Yellow Vests Australia RIC Referendum Initiated by the Citizen Roman Light Yellow Vest NSW Sydney Yellow Vest Solidarity Protest Brisbane City Yellow vest awareness event “Adelaide” 19th January 2019 Aussie yellow vests rallie

Flyers getting printed, also a National website is up and running, rallies are sorting out well in some areas, in others support is needed.
The French, Ireland and some of the other nations are also firing up on the 19th lke most stats of Australia.
The French are firing up their run on the banks, a great idea as I see it, withdraw all our money, well if not most, sorting a safe place for it for now.
Time to make the government listen, as they say “When the people fear the government their is tyranny, when the government fear the people it is a democracy”