22 Oct

In 1972, the Labor party government of Gough Whitlam were elected under constitutional authority.
In 1973, the government led by Gough Whitlam began many and various changes to the political structure in Australia without the permission of the people, (the share-holders in the Commonwealth) although he encouraged the people to see the changes as an exciting move to pre-republican improvements.
His aim was a new trading corporation run by the government to exploit the mineral wealth of Australia internationally. The result was the creation of a new corporation to be known as the Australian Parliament.
This corporation however, was created by an individual, not a corporate aggregate of the people of the original states. Therefore the People were not shareholders and held no power in their votes. Whitlam asked the Queen, the head of all corporations for permission to establish this corporation. However, as he expected to use the assets of the Commonwealth (but it was NOT created by the People of the Commonwealth, but by an individual – Whitlam) he was refused.
Therefore the continuation of the Australia Parliament corporation had no constitutional authority.
But succeeding governments continued and expanded those changes which included, but were not limited to –
The Contract *the definitions of the words “Commonwealth” and “Australia” in the Acts Interpretation Act 1973, Act No. 79 of 19th June 1973 were changed.
*Commonwealth of Australia is now a registered corporation with the US Securities & Exchange Commission under #000080515777, Washington DC, as a ‘foreign government of political subdivisions’ held to the Seas and Submerged Lands Act 1973, Act no. 161 of 197378 sealed and copyrighted Commonwealth of Australia inter alia Foreign States Immunities Act 198579 inter alia Foreign Corporations (Applications of Laws) Act 198980 inter alia Corporations Act 2001, inter alia Corporations Agreement 200281, inter alia Corporations Amendment. (Sons of Gwalia) Act 201082.
*This registration adheres the Australian Parliament under its trading name Commonwealth of Australia, to American civil law, for trading purposes.
(Note, We are no longer The “Commonwealth of Australia.”)
We have ceased to be a bona fide country with the power vested in the people and a Govt answerable to the people. Instead we have become a corporation in which the people of Australia have NO rights. This is the legacy of Whitlam.

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