US Election 2016!

9 Nov

What a HUGE victory today for everyone who is genuinely concerned about their righs and their freedoms. Killary is lying, murdering, war monger who deserves to rot in jail – seriously, who enters politics (with Bill) with $1 million and walks away with $230 million??? Trump, on the other hand, despite being an ego maniac, understands the REAL issue that we face with ‘the elite’ constantly eroding our rights and excercising more and ore control over us with each passing year, as he details in this video – He’s certainly a ‘wild card’ but that’s EXACTLY what the world needs right now – a bloody good shake up! The fact that Trump has now won the elction, hot on the heels of the UK’s ‘Brexit’ vote, shows everyone that “People Power” really DOES get results! We all need to ride this wave of change and challenge those in government, right here in Australia, on fines, the banking system, tax, mandatory vaccinations and every other way that they try and control us. We need to send a loud and clear message and remind the powers-that-be that we elected them into power to do OUR bidding and NOT the other way around! Be sure to check out our website for further details on precisely how to do this – I look forward to watching Trump tackle the elite head on and making America great again!