10 Oct

Vaccine ingredient DENIALISM, it seems, is alive and well across the fakestream media.

As Natural News correctly reported, one of the many animal-derived ingredients used in vaccines and openly admitted by the CDC is African Green Monkey kidney cells. Apparently, this realization was just too much for the scientifically illiterate media (and wholly dishonest vaccine pushers) who insisted it couldn’t possibly be true.

Now, CDC has confirmed the Natural News story to be 100% accurate and true through several documents posted on the CDC website which openly admit that African Green Monkey kidney cells are used in vaccines approved by the CDC for immunizations across America.

Here’s the irrefutable proof, which also demonstrates that the mainstream media is pushing fake news about vaccines while Natural News is one of the very few journalism organizations that dares to publish real news about vaccines.

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Posted by True News 4 U's on Tuesday, 8 October 2019

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