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2 Oct

“Sovereign citizens” Terrorists…. HYSTERICAL RIGHT??!!

Anti-government extremists known as “sovereign citizens” have been identified as a potential terrorism threat in Australia by a confidential N.S.W Police report.

What are sovereign citizens?

  • Sovereign citizens don’t accept Australia’s legal framework or government
  • They consider themselves outside the law
  • Counter terror command warns they should be considered “a potential terrorist threat”
  • In N.S.W, police estimate there are about 300 sovereign citizens
  • The FBI considers them domestic terrorists

The N.S.W Counter Terrorism and Special Tactics command assessment — obtained by 7.30 — suggests there are as many as 300 sovereign citizens in the state, and that their numbers are growing.

It also suggests they have “the motivation and capability to act against government interests and should be considered a potential terrorist threat”.

Police records show the number of Australian sovereign citizens in NSW doubled from 2009 to 2011 and nearly tripled from 2009 to 2012.

Freeman on the land (sovereign citizens) – the Australian movement

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In 1973, Gough Whitlam, signed Australia over to the foreign: UNIDROIT Treaty of Rome, handing the Equitable Title of the mineral and energy wealth of Australia to a “foreign power”, head office Rome. Why do so few people know about this criminal act of treason and why are there so many lawyers in parliament that pledge their Oath to the foreign: CITY OF LONDON in order to hide the truth from the masses?

UNIDROIT uses the ALL UPPER-CASE debased corrupt DOG-LATIN text of Babylon (Rome), being foreign to the common law English language. DOG-LATIN is used for foreign Roman (VATICAN) military accounts. (Military Dog Tags) The UNITED-STATES was signed over to UNIDROIT in 1964, just after Kennedy was shot dead.
This fact was hidden from the masses.


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Help Desk for Q&A There’s the Justinian Deception series on You Tube out Australia.

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The reason why you have two birthing certificates is because there are two forms of birth, born into equity and birthed into legal title. The first birth, births the State onto your equitable title as the first legal title holder, the first trustee of you and your birth right, your equity. The second birth is where the State then births you as the legal title holder of the State but for you to accept the legal title offered to you by the State, you must surrender your first standing as Equitable title holder relating to the first birth certificate. This is easy because all you do is accept the state legal title and your acceptance of such a State legal title automatically negates your first birth equity. If you are not aware of the first birth, you may assume the second birth to be the only birth that exists and you will remain as the legal title holders of the State.

You will always wonder how the state got consent over you, how it does what it likes to you without your consent but you didn’t realise that your consent was already done by accepting the second birth certificate that made you the legal title holder of the state, your parents surrendered your equity at birth and you never returned to get it back because you couldn’t remember anything that happened to you at birth and the same happened to your parents and their parents and so on. Your equitable title is your birth right and if you surrender that to a foreign off shore banking corporate entity that you don’t even know, they may not have the best interest of your equity at heart.

If your government is a foreign private off shore corporate entity passing itself off as a real government, your equity, your birth right your true equitable title may be in danger.

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