THE MOST COMPREHENSIVE EXPLANATION : Historical review of Zionism and Bolshevik Marxism and their influence in politics past and present in the Western world

30 Sep


The most comprehensive explanation  of the history of the Rothschild’s influence over political leaders including Churchill and Hitler  (they financed both sides of WWI) and the USA in the first world war …  Churchill  was groomed and raised financed by the Rothschild family they educated him with a view to control him when he entered Parliament to push through the Israeli state through the Balfour declaration… More about this here:-

Churchill had a Zionist controlled partner to push through this agenda Lord Arthur James Balfour.

A leading figure in seeking the Declaration was Chaim Weizmann, a Jewish research chemist from Russia who had represented the British Zionist Federation in the negotiations. As chief scientist working for the British Admiralty, Weizmann had invented a process for synthesizing acetone, an essential component in the production of cordite for munitions. As a result he had the opportunity to personally convey the intensity and urgency of Jewish feeling on the issue to Prime Minister Lloyd George and Foreign Secretary Arthur Balfour, both of whom were men with a knowledge of the Biblical history, and essentially in sympathy with the Zionist cause.

Most importantly, the British government saw the Balfour Declaration as providing a legitimate basis for a British protectorate over Palestine after the War. However they also sought support for the Allies among the five million Jews of Russia after the Social Democratic February revolution of 1917; as well as the Jews of the United States.

(As it happened, the Bolshevik revolution of 7 November 1917 came five days after the Balfour Declaration, and Soviet Russia unilaterally ceased hostilities against Germany almost immediately.) Source here:-

This video also explains that there are two Jewish factions the Zionist controlled side and the Bolshevik Jews … which are at odds with each other case in point the Zionist Jews are solely controlled world wide by the Rothschild’s  which also controls the Vatican and the Bolshevik  Jews who lobby the Marxist agenda which is controlled by George Soros.. they are in a silent war between themselves..

Soros weapon is through various Marxist foundations such as Black lives matter and Getup!

The Bolsheviks where responsible for the murder of the Russian Tsar Nicholas more about this here :

and here

The historical beginings of  Russian  Bolsheviks Marxism, Zionism banking system the Jews that created the path to killing millions of Russians who resisted the Marxist revolution and murdered and destroyed Orthodox  Christians and their books and Churches …confiscated their grains from the people’s farms so they we forced to move to the cities as the farmers were starving there by the state  stole their farms … Others who resisted were sent to Goullags forced labor  many people  were  tortured   watch  video here:-

The Zionists Jews control  the media such as the Murdoch media worldwide..

They also control the Big Pharma Intelligence programmes  the Internet big tech companies more about this here

ISRAEL'S SECRET WEAPON AGAINST THE US & THE WORLD – THE TALPIOT PROGRAM EXPOSED!!Rothschild's lackey Netanyahu can get away with murder because Israel controls the worlds high technology sector – over and above the US.That "American" you see "controlling" something? He or she is an American Jew or Zionist, dual national Israeli American citizen.nRothschild rules through their private country, Israel. Until we target specifically this control of the high technology sector and specifically The Talpiot Program, we will all continue to wonder how Israel gets away with all it does.It is a racist state of the most odious kind. But who will stand up to them?From medical nano technology to cyber security to private hacking companies to military technology to police databases, banking, finance and medical – Israel runs them all.This is Israel's false flag nuke.————————————————————————-They have a backdoor to every single piece of technology we have been sold and they are always one step ahead of every single government official in the US and the western world for that matter!

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One thing all people should take from this is history repeats itself all the leaders worldwide are controlled by the Zionists and or Bolsheviks at any given time!

Such as Dems support Marxism and the Republicans support the Zionist Jews…

Marxists are the controlled opposition and organisations such as Antifa are used and financed by people like Soros… labor is controlled by the Marxist faction and Liberals are controlled by the Zionist Banker faction big multinational Corporations Bankers and Big Pharma you can see this in the policies they push especially the No jab No pay policy and the Vaccination mandates….

Former prime minister Turnbulls and family members and other Liberals policies  that benefit themselves examples here

Published on 1 Apr 2017

A republic for Australia means NO MORE RIGHTS and NO MORE FREEDOMS. They will make the new constitution so that it only benefits THEM and not we the people!!

Published on 30 Dec 2016

He’s a corrupt multi millionaire elitist master Prime Minister UN-ELECT. How did he make his money? How, indeed!

Interesting that Bibi made a point of emphasising  in his closing statement that the illegally occupied Syrian Gollan Hieghts will not be given back to Syria on his first visit to Australian  watch video here –






Who stole the workers’ compulsory pension fund?
Regarding yesterday’s post about aged pensions and new eligibility thresholds being mooted by the government, those old enough to remember may recall the pension deductions at source during the 1950’s and onwards?
Those who do recall, as I do, may also remember that a few years later all that money somehow vanished and when any politician was asked where all that pension money went they ran for cover and I don’t recall any answer forthcoming. Many reports say the National Welfare Fund, as it was called in 1950, held more than £100,000,000.
A regular reader of MM, Wallace, has sent the following, which he had tucked away in his files. Unfortunately, the original author is unknown and the veracity of the article shall be deferred to our learned readers with other knowledge either pro or con. This is an excerpt from a very long piece but for our purposes begins here, with original punctuation errors: (Ed.)
Considerable public relations investment prepares Aussies for this event; generally in the form of proselytising the myth that the younger generation is being stuck with the burden of financing pensions for the ageing baby boomers. The reality could not be more different. This is the story of a different kind of privatisation… outright theft on a multi-billion dollar scale; the appropriation of an entire age pension scheme. We don’t even know where the money went.
The history of the Age Pension Fund is not-well-known and it goes back to 1945, when Prime Minister Ben Chifley became aware of grinding poverty amongst the elderly. He was shocked, and a referendum was put to the people of Australia; and the outcome was a welfare fund contributed to by every Aussie worker, at a rate of 7.5% of gross income (at the time, in Australia and New Zealand, one and sixpence in the pound). This was a fund that was very specifically owned by the workers and declared as such; a fund in which government could not interfere; and from which it could not even borrow. Money could only be paid out as an indexed and non-means tested pension upon retirement at age 65 (60 for women).
To ensure the public was reminded of its investment, and so no government could interfere with the Fund, the amount appeared at the top of every income tax form and was calculated before income tax. Actuaries have calculated that this fund should currently be yielding at $6000 per year more than the current age pension.
Posthumously, former Prime Minister Robert Menzies should be tried for the original theft; perhaps the greatest heist in human history. Former Prime Minister Paul Keating needs to answer the long-stalled question, where is this fund? This is a fund that he illegally, and in breach of the constitutional sacrosanctity of referenda, imposed means testing; on worker’s own savings.
Does the current government know about this? It would certainly explain why on 29 July 2009 the Minister for Aging Jenny Macklin diverted attention from the 1946 fund, by erecting a monument in Canberra to the 1909 age pension scheme which, as she mentioned over-casually, “was means tested, just like today’s version”. Nice try Minister but you are still in possession of stolen funds and imposing illegal means-testing.

Labor Party also have a close affiliation to the Fabian society… History of the Australian Labor Movement – A Marxist Interpretation by E. W. Campbell. 1945

Incidently our schooling system has been infiltrated by Marxist  doctrine … its Psychology sector to through the University’s  also!! the following video is Jeremy Lee vale speaking to a live audience in Qld.

More info here :-


In 1973, Gough Whitlam, signed Australia over to the foreign: UNIDROIT Treaty of Rome, handing the Equitable Title of the mineral and energy wealth of Australia to a “foreign power”, head office Rome. Why do so few people know about this criminal act of treason and why are there so many lawyers in parliament that pledge their Oath to the foreign: CITY OF LONDON in order to hide the truth from the masses?

UNIDROIT uses the ALL UPPER-CASE debased corrupt DOG-LATIN text of Babylon (Rome), being foreign to the common law English language. DOG-LATIN is used for foreign Roman (VATICAN) military accounts. (Military Dog Tags) The UNITED-STATES was signed over to UNIDROIT in 1964, just after Kennedy was shot dead.
This fact was hidden from the masses.


Fabians are “Soft Communists”

The Fabian Society has in view the advance of Socialism
Fabian Tract No. 3, 1885

Who and what is behind the Fabian Socialist agenda that is doing its best to destroy our nation?

If you have never heard of the Fabians before it’s hardly surprising. They are a shadowy group that has been working behind the scenes, manipulating governments around the world since the late 19th Century.

The Fabian Society is a British socialist organisation whose purpose is to advance the principles of democratic socialism via gradualist and reformist effort in democracies, rather than by revolutionary overthrow.

Buy the book “Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing” by Amy McGrath exposing the Fabians: Four great frauds are exposed in this book: Fabianism, Global Warming, the UN and Soros.




Soros is a full blown MARXIST!

Soros’ backs Get Up in Australia more info here:-


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Our country is fast becoming a totalitarian fascist Communist regime … will we follow China’s lead?? Facial recognition cameras and Social credit ratings that effect all their facets  in their lives… including banking availability  and jobs!




Published on 5 Oct 2018

Dr. E. Michael Jones discusses the article he wrote for the November issue of Culture Wars magazine. He called it: “The Hidden Grammar of the Kavanaugh Hearings” partly because of the fear people especially in media have of mentioning the Jews. Mike explains that we cannot understand the moral meltdown at Catholic high schools during the 1980’s unless we first understand how Jewish psychiatry had penetrated Catholic teaching. Erik Erikson, the Jewish disciple of Sigmund Freud taught that there are eight developmental states. To get from #6 (early adulthood) to #7 (young and middle adulthood) one must have “sexual intimacy and expression.” Many priests concluded they were “not developed” because their emotional growth was arrested at Stage Six. Many concluded: “If one demonstrated “scientifically” that celibacy was abnormal and that its practice inhibited personal development, then leaving the priesthood and marrying was not breaking solemn promises but rather something logical and healthy.” Acting on teachings like Erikson’s led to much moral corruption especially in the 80’s when Brett Kavanaugh was at Georgetown Prep. Once the priests (and other Christians) were seduced by Jewish psychiatrists into breaking God’s commandments regarding sexual purity by thinking that chastity was “psychologically abnormal” then the Jewish lawyers took over to condemn them. The parallel between this story and the story of Adam, Eve, the Serpent and the forbidden fruit is striking.


We the people must wake up to this fact and start to become informed voters and start voting for the minor parties and the true Independents that do not have any affiliations to these Jewish organisations and their agendas…  and those candidates that foster and protect the 1901 constitution and the Magna Carta … We are living in Tyrannical times if you care about your children’s future you must educate them and become proactive it is our duty for change!

We are at the brink of full control and extreme Tyranny now Lucas Nicolson makes and impassioned plea to the people here :-

Freedom week take back Australia

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The history of the Quick and Garran preamble can be found here

This is why we should never become a Republic with a president that can excecute executive orders without the peoples consent!

Please take the time to familiarize your self with the 1901 constitution the link is here :-

Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act here:-

The history of how the Magna Carta came about can be found here:-

1776 ~ Banking Corporate Cartel Could Not Isolate The 'Spirit Of Man'