The difference between the Independent Orthodox Churches and the Larger State Orthodox Churches

29 Jun

The following videos are by Bishop Gregory of the Independent Orthodoxy Churches.. and fellow patriot….

Topics discussed

Independent Orthodoxy or small jurisdictions which are often separated from larger Orthodoxy churches…

Smaller Orthodoxy Churches are situated all over the earth in non -Orthodox  Churches.

Men and women have left the largest Orthodox Churches to join the smaller independent Churches.

Another reason is Ethnicity eg. Greek only Orthodox Church.. so therefore all ethnicity’s are welcome to join independent Orthodox Churches (IOC) hence no separation of ethnicity.

Another reason they join the  IOC is sin and marriage within the Roman Orthodox Churches.

Independent/Small Jurisdiction Orthodox:
Video 1 Reasons for Existence!

Part 1 out of three videos can viewed here –

Independent/small jurisdiction Orthodox Churches… Why so small??

Part 2 out of 3 Videos can be viewed here –

Independent/small jurisdiction Orthodox Churches.. Why aren’t we big Churches??

Topics discussed –

The disgust of the extent of  pedophilia in the larger Churches and  the cover-up of pedophilia … the high levels of homosexual priests represented in the larger Churches.

Another reason for IOC is politics… The larger Orthodox Church are controlled by the churches politics.. constrained…

Another reason for IOC is phylestism .. Definition of phylestism here-

Phyletism – Wikipedia

Phyletism or ethnophyletism (from Greek ἔθνος ethnos “nation” and φυλετισμός phyletismos “tribalism”) is the principle of nationalities applied in the ecclesiastical domain: in other words, the conflation between Church and nation.

3rd and final video here –

I was asked this question by my brother:
“Where in the Vine do you place the Assyrians?”
The following is my response: Note the book I refer to and a specific chapter:


I’d like to acknowledge I had permission from Bishop Gregory to share these videos with the people. Thank you… and Bless you..for all the good work you are doing…