The Constitution of Australia Has Been Hijacked!!! with Wayne Glew

5 Mar

Published on 4 Mar 2019

This movie length interview with WAYNE GLEW is a must watch, so make your popcorn and settle in to learn about what’s really going on in our country and our government, as well as what Australians can do about it. Topics covered include how the Constitution has been ignored to give Australian government employees unlawful powers, how the police are used illegally against the people, how to restore the rule of law in Australia, an outline of a pledge that will be sent to all candidates in the 2019 election to ensure they serve the true interests of the Australian people, and much much more. Consider this a must watch for all Australians, including those who work in the system, such as bureaucrats, politicians, police and military. Wayne is a retired police officer and as he indicates, many of these public servants have been deceived just like the rest of the Australian community. Therefore, we must all learn this information to better equip ourselves to resolve the core issues within our system so that we can be proud to leave behind our country in better shape than what we found it. Our children are depending on us. Share this with your friends, family and community representatives. Let’s get the word out about the core issues, and their solutions.
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