The Australian Corporate Government Cult

27 Jun


Unbeknown to the public at large, the cult phenomenon and mind control is alive and well in Australia. On any given day you will find very many statements of cause and effect for law and order by government. These falsehoods include organisations, small and large, some posing as churches or types of religions, meditation groups, self-development groups, posing as healers, fortune tellers, psychics, self-proclaimed spiritual leaders. Most of them calling themselves leaders, gurus, gods, incarnations, teachers, pastors etc.

WHO CAN BE AFFECTED BY MIND CONTROL of the Australian Corporate Government Cult and its Political System?
They say that there is one born every moment and this is very true when it comes to someone falling under the spell of mind control. No one is immune from the clutches of those who set out to entrap and recruit membership. Political Parties are Cults and their mind control affect a wide range of personalities from highly educated mature individuals to inexperienced teens. Anyone can become entangled in the web of the Labor and Liberal National Parties and these Political Party cults know exactly how and when to strike.

The damage done is immense and far reaching. They will set out to fleece you of your money and assets, isolate you from your family and friends, physically and mentally abuse you and ultimately take total control of your life. They will approach you cunningly when you are most vulnerable; offer you, leadership and friendship, a sense of belonging, a glorious, trouble free future, and when you are not looking steal your very being.

The Australia Act is not of the Commonwealth Constitution and not only does it affect the mental health of the individual, it encompasses the entire person, mind, body and soul. The immediate and extended family as well as friends and colleagues are often affected and the results can linger for years often resulting in permanent damage.

Most OECD and United Nations signatory countries realise the weakness of all mankind under the affective threat false persecution by Premeditated Public Deceit (PPD). This is the willing promoting of unjust laws to compromise our impressionable fears and needs. The dangerous link of mind control being used to indoctrinate people into becoming members of these criminal parties is a worldwide phenomenon.

Australia including many other countries peoples are awakening and beginning to deal with these dangerous situations and are fighting back with an open mind. For instance, the cult government of Germany has taken action against the Church of Scientology, and has banned them. The cult government of France had demanded that the Jehovah’s Witnesses pay back $25 million in alleged taxes. The cult government of Australia has abandoned its Constitution to rule illegally with tyranny over its citizens.

The States and Territories of our Nation have become a criminal free for all individual holding public office, that is; the instruments of Westminster. Banning Clubs, effecting intrusions without cause and selling our Nations Asset, introducing additional taxes and charges are just some the issues at hand that need redress. Although the delusion of democracy has lobbied various parliaments for many years, there has been little if any inroads made albeit the ICAC has proven to provide some daylight into the extent of these widening crimes.

A CULT is any government operating under the ideology of Corporation. Most often these cults will exercise the instrument of law to include Third Party Politics, (TPP) by Premeditated Public Deceit, (PPD). The Labor and Liberal National Parties of Australia are Cult Consulting Corporations and easily identified by their arrogant denying their people reply to questions asked. They are private self serving people wanting your information. Ask yourselves as to whether a particular group or organisation is a cult or not. The difficulty is that the term cult is applied to many situations and it is often difficult to define. In our opinion any situation that removes freedom of the democratic mind is a cult.