Telstra confirms 670 Australian jobs will be shifted offshore

23 Jul

What next move every thing off shore and have no bloody jobs so we all starve and end up on welfare and get $10.00 dollars.

Telstra has told nearly 700 of its technical staff and contractors in Australia that their jobs will be shifted overseas.

The company has confirmed it will cut 670 jobs in Australia from it’s Global Services Division.

Areas including cloud service delivery and network services will be relocated to Asia over the next 12 months.

It is understood 463 of the existing jobs will be culled, while the remainder will be made contractor roles.

Telstra says the relocations are being made to service its growing business in the region.

Community and Public Sector Union national president Michael Tull says the decision to outsource technical and contractor work is astounding.

“It’s a really profitable part of Telstra’s business, it made $1.5 billion last year,” he said.

“The profits projections for this year are fantastic. It’s a really strong, growing part of the business. It really represents the future of the business.”

Mr Tull said staff were shocked and saddened by the news of the jobs cuts.

“Telstra is¬†moving into a very worrying phase of offshoring,” he said.

“The affected area is a very profitable and growing part of the business so it’s shocking to see that Telstra is prepared to outsource its future.

“It’s bad news for workers, and bad news for the economy as we offshore our capacity for future innovation.”

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