Satans Illuminati Beast (Super) Computer Exposed!! 2014

24 Oct

Published on 17 Oct 2014

There is what I now believe to be a single mega computer that’s integrated into the power grid controlled by Satan.. Through the power grid, satellites, and radio towers this super computer has access to anything connected to it. Satan is real, and he’s using forbidden knowledge (technology) to establish his anti-christ control system that which without he can’t have his RFID chip.Technology is essential to satans plans. My research into this topic ignited after I received a message from a ghost youtube account that I discovered never existed. How can I receive a message from a youtube account that never existed? I found out that fallen angels, and demons can manipulate the internet, websites, and accounts on various sites. I’m saying that demons can literally possess the internet, and travel through the grid using the grid. I believe that the grid is a highway for demons to travel, and they use the internet to monitor, and corrupt people. This makes sense seeing that technology came from satan. I explain in this video what happened to me, and what I discovered.

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