“Royal Commission” Peels Back!

28 Sep

The latest report from the Gov.



For each layer of abuse the Royal Commission peels back, there’s yet another more horrific layer ready to unfold… but the Commission is not game to go there. For instance, I reported here a couple of years back about where Qld’s 35th premier, Rob “Bubbles” Borbidge, fits into the gallery of paedophile rogues.

 Rob Borbidge, (he was Premier Newman’s first choice as Governor) and his mates had an after-hours predilection for under-age boys, and his “mates” were none other than ex-Chief Justice, and now the Newman anointed Governor, Paul “Daphnis” de Jersey and the then Federal Court Judge, John “Doggy” Dowsett.

The group BLAZE, an acronym for “Boy Lovers and Zucchini Eaters”, received much scrutiny from the NSW Wood Royal Commission and the NCA. The Commission’s report is available on the net, so for those who say Pickering makes this stuff up because he is a bankrupt and can’t be sued, it would do them well to carry out a little research themselves into the multiple former commission and inquiry reports… and I am not a bankrupt and even if I was I could still be sued, so people are welcome to sue me, but they don’t and won’t for fear of what else will be exposed.

You’d be surprised at what else my solicitor holds.

A recent British report noted that children are being abused, “on an industrial scale”. Lord Justice George Fulford, adviser to the Queen and Privy Counsellor, is a founder of the outrageous “Paedophile Information Exchange” group known as PIE.

Justice Fulford claimed in an article that the PIE organisation, (now under investigation in the wake of the Jimmy Savile and Rolf Harris scandals) was merely a way for paedophiles to, “make friends and offer each other mutual support”.

But PIE, is openly advocating child sex be legalised down to the age of four. (Yeah, four, I had to read it again too.) These paedophile groups are not confined only to gay lobbyists but there is certainly a predominance of them who are pushing for the legalisation of child sex.

In Australia there are over 44,000 homeless children either in foster care, State care or on the streets… almost all will be abused at some time.

Almost all children in Islamic groups will also suffer some type of abuse. Almost all tribal Aboriginal children will suffer what we call abuse, where old men “educate” young girls and old women “educate” young boys. Where does “culture” separate itself from assumed decency?

As reported earlier, a former Qld Government Speaker claims to have had in his possession a copy of a video, provided by the Parliamentary Service Staff, showing Rob Borbidge entering the Annex building with one of his “friends” and in the company of two young “boys” dressed in high heeled shoes and blonde wigs.

It is believed that a copy of the video, which was in the possession of the Speaker, is now in a secure location.

Borbidge also wrote some very compromising “love letters” to young boys on official Opposition letterheads, which is an indication of how safe these people feel in their protected pursuits. The former Speaker declared, “There are three in existence. I have recovered two, but there’s still one getting around out there somewhere.” The two letters are also now in a safe location.

Still nothing has been subpoenaed by the current Royal Commission.

In December of 1984, police raided two male brothels, Brett’s Boys at Kelvin Grove and House of Praetorian at Coorparoo.

Copies of credit card receipts were kept in Police Commissioner Terry Lewis’ safe. These documents were seized by Fitzgerald Inquiry investigators. The source for this information was a solicitor representing one of the corrupt cops who was brought before the Fitzgerald Inquiry.

According to this source, Lewis’s safe contained credit card receipts for “Brett’s Boys” brothel. The receipts detailed the services as “laundry” and the credit cards were specifically described as AMEX and were noted as official “parliamentary expenses”. Nothing of that material has been subpoenaed either.

In the Kimmins Report it was claimed that boys were supplied to “Brett’s Boys” from a Philippine source. But there was another source of young boys who were bound for the paedophile networks.

 At the recent Carmody Commission of Inquiry a witness by the name of Fred Feige made mention of a senior officer in the Department of Family Services, Mr Donald A. C. Smith, who it was alleged, was apportioning out young boys to the offending groups on weekends. No charges have been laid there either.

At the current Federal Royal Commission into “Institutional Responses” to Child Sexual Abuse, one witness would be happy to expand on this information. He has not been summoned to appear and is not likely to be. He would have claimed that he was abused by one particular paedophile, who was part of a group. This group was involved in an early 1980’s court case which is known as the “Case of the Three White Volvos”.

Each member of this group drove a white Volvo. The particular paedophile in question was alleged to be ABC radio announcer Blair Edmonds.

Another member of this group was Justice Underhill (known as “Justice Underpants”) who died last year. It is interesting to note who gave the eulogy at Underhill’s funeral. It was Justice Kirby who also gave the eulogy at former Governor General, Sir Zelman Cowan’s, funeral. Cowan was also a paedophile according to Police Intelligence records and he is the GG accused of in Heffernan’s latest nameless revelations.

If you don’t believe a wall of protection surrounds the worst of paedophilia in high places, consider this: On March 12, 2002, Senator Heffernan again used parliamentary privilege to accuse Justice Michael Kirby of using a Commonwealth car to cruise the notorious “Darlinghurst Wall” where it was alleged he was seen soliciting sex from underage males.

Heffernan also accused the eminent judge of being unfit to hear cases involving child sex charges. He claimed the judge had “regularly trawled for what they call ‘rough trade’ at the Darlinghurst Wall”, and said he had personally interviewed several of Kirby’s former “rentboys”.

He also claimed that the judge often used taxpayer-provided Comcars to pick up a young male from Kings Cross and take him to the judge’s home.

Justice Kirby, a declared homosexual with a long-term partner, strongly denied the claims.

But the Comcar driver’s job record from April, 1994, showed that Justice Kirby was picked up at the Law Courts at 7pm and taken to Rose Bay. The trip, which according to the driver was via Darlinghurst, took 50 minutes.

At 11pm the car returned to Justice Kirby’s home and went back to Darlinghurst, this time only taking 20 minutes. According to an annotation, the judge “did not travel” on the return journey. (It is against Comcar rules for the designated passenger to send a guest alone.)

The document does not identify who travelled on the judge’s account. At the time, Justice Kirby was president of the NSW Court of Appeal. He was appointed to the High Court by Keating  in February of 1996.

There was a second document, a statutory declaration from a man, now 29, sworn in August, 2000.

It says, “I have given written statements to the Child Protection Enforcement Agency about my sexual encounters originating from the Wall in Darlinghurst with Michael Kirby. I know Michael Kirby is a judge.

“On several occasions he took me to a unit in Darley Street at the end of the ‘Wall’.  At the times Michel Kirby picked me up from the Wall, I was a young male prostitute and heroin addict. I told Michael Kirby this.”

Unfortunately for Heffernan, Standing Order 193 prohibits privileged disclosure of “imputations of improper motives or personal reflections” on sitting judicial officers. Heffernan hurriedly withdrew his claims rather than serve a jail term, he was promptly censured by the Senate and John Howard’s Coalition Government forced his resignation as a Parliamentary Secretary.

Graham Richardson’s political bed partner at the time, Fia Cummings, wrote in The Age of March 17, 2002: “The man who signed the declaration is believed to have also given evidence to police about solicitor John Marsden, but Justice David Levine rejected the man’s evidence in the Marsden case on the basis of factual errors.

“The man was among several interviewed about Justice Kirby in 1998 by the NSW police strike force ‘Cori’, formed to investigate Franca Arena’s paedophile claims.”

Ms Cumming also reported that Senator Heffernan’s interest in Justice Kirby was triggered by an approach from a concerned Comcar driver in late 1997.

Her advice that the scandal, “Appears certain to end the career of either Senator Heffernan or Justice Kirby” has been proved wrong.

Just how high this bloody wall of protection is surrounding the “elite” is anybody’s guess.

ALP sycophant, Philip Adams, gave the eulogies at the funerals of Big Bob Collins who suicided rather than face paedophile charges and at the funeral of known serial “rough-house” offender, SA Premier, Don Dunstan, who had internally injured a young boy to the extent that the poor boy was airlifted back to a Filipino hospital rather than risk admission to a local hospital here.

Sir Joh Bjelke-Petersen, in January, 1987 received a delegation from two investigators into paedophile claims and, during a four hour meeting, the investigators disclosed in detail the sordid backgrounds of D’Arcy, Borbidge and Ahern. Bjelke, according to reports seemed unmoved. As far as Borbidge and Ahern are concerned, again nothing has happened.

Family Services official, Donald A. C. Smith (known as “The Gatekeeper”) had the final say on which children received weekend passes from orphanages and youth detention centres. This was well known but again no charges have been laid.

The current Gillard Royal Commission into paedophilia was designed to throw light on Abbott’s catholic “mate” George Pell, although there is no evidence that Pell himself dabbled in paedophilia.

 Pell is accused of protecting paedophiles by keeping them hidden in alternating parishes.

The Commission has concentrated so far mainly on religious “institutions” and has not encroached on the networks within Parliaments, the judiciary, high-profile corporations, well-known television celebrities or Muslim or Aboriginal communities.

We should be discovering the awful extent to which innocent and mostly homeless children, or children in State care, have been abused, but we are nowhere near that extent!

Some horrific tales leak out from within the entertainment industry that cannot be verified as police are suddenly told, without reason, to drop their investigations.

If only the Commission’s terms of reference could be broadened from the Gillard Government’s limited “institutional responses” caveat, we might see some big names, including an ex-Prime Minister in the dock (and most know who that is).

As long as some groups remain protected from the law then paedophiles will be attracted to those groups… and that is clearly what has happened and it is still happening. Things are changing in the UK.

But don’t hold your breath down under.