Rod Culleton sets the train in motion to his foreshadowed application as the procedural step to go to the privy council as a subject of the Queen at the privy council in London

27 Sep


Rod Culleton sets the train in motion to his foreshadowed application as the procedural step to go to the privy council as a subject of the Queen at the privy council in London. This is my on going commitment to the Australian people, to uphold the Commonwelath of Australia Constitution Act 1900 UK which is binding on all of us. (Clause 5).

Your Excellency,

We have previously requested you to exercise your powers under the Royal Prerogative vested in yourself, under S 61 Constitution seeking to have the Executive Council direct the Senate to deal with the Motion 163 of 2016, presently sitting on the Notice Paper of the Senate. We are making this last request to you before taking the Office of Governor General to the Privy Council in the United Kingdom for assenting to legislation that he or she ought to have reserved for Her Majesty’s Pleasure, which would in its natural course of justice, have been debated on the 4th February 2017. Would you please contact the Prime Minister and have him made aware of what we propose. We believe we ought to settle this in Australia, but that is only possible if the Senate does what it is created to do.

Yours sincerely,

Rodney Norman Culleton

(Senator in Exile)

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Throw back to when Scott Morrison (ScoMo) was treasurer, indicating that , Quote, “there is no guarantee the pension will be available for future generations”.

Now that ScoMo is the APPOINTED Prime Minister (not duly elected) is it on the agenda to remove the guarantee of pensions without proper REPRESENTATION?

The Great Australian Party would like to remind the people of Australia and the Parliament, of the affirmed 1946 referendum which inserted the amendment of s51 ss23(a) to our foundational law In Australia, The Commonwealth Constitution.

This amendment to the constitution was approved by the majority of people in majority of states and therefore became cemented into the highest law in the country as the people’s guarantee of allowances and benefits, WITHOUT QUALIFICATION.
“the provision of maternity allowances, widows’ pensions, child endowment, unemployment, pharmaceutical, sickness and hospital benefits, medical and dental services (but not so as to authorize any form of civil conscription), benefits to students and family allowances”.

It is guaranteed by our Constitution to have these benefits regardless of what politicians and ‘government’ corporate branches say or do. What is it called when parliament overthrow the Constitution and the will of the people in a majority?

It is time for the people of Australia to back our asset (the Constitution) and back the only party that will make sure the people’s voices are not just heard, but listened to and adhered to.

The Great Australian Party is the backstop that will force parliament to adhere to the foundation of Law being our Constitution. We will hold those who defy, overthrow or violate the will of the people and our constitution to account with full force and effect!

The Commonwealth of Australia Constitution act 1900 is the rule book of the parliament, if the people don’t know it, the parliament will make their own rules and the people are none the wiser. A profound principle of our party is to have the constitution returned to the education system as mandatory teaching to all.

Political rule for the benefit of corporate interest and control MUST end! We are seeing the results of corrupted and conflicted politicians today, this country is falling apart and our great heritage is becoming endangered, our way of life and social structure, becoming unhinged, selling of public assets without approval, importing more than exporting as if we do not have the people or resources to build our own infrastructure and commodities. Australian made and owned is fast becoming a thing of the past.

Being a supporting member of The Great Australian Party is stamping your position inside the ring with us. Let’s Fight and stand together in the same corner and overcome the corporate control over our country and make things right, now and for the rest of time. It’s time to put your skin In the game before its too late, too many have given up hope already, we haven’t and we won’t.
Our senator in exile is living proof that we don’t give up, nearly 2 years on from his unlawful removal he is still punching the bag and shaping up. Doing as he always said he would “going to the very top” the Privy Council. Making true Rod’s Monty Python analogy he mentioned in his maiden speech to the senate “Cmon I’ll fight you you barstards, and FIGHT WE HAVE!!”.

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