11 Jun

Time for Muslims to WAKE UP! and stick together alongside Christians and Jews as the problem is the Evil Rothschild Empire! 

Its not your MONEY!

11 Jun

If you think your money is “your” money, you’re wrong, it’s the Rothschild’s (Federal Reserve Bankers) and the international banking cartel’s money and they will let you keep it only if you keep it moving and working for The Rothschild’s … Read More »

Cat is now out of the bag!

11 Jun

It really appears that the cat is now out of the bag when the head of a large mobile phone company bans WiFi in his offices and warns children about the dangers of mobile phones. Didier Bellens, president of Belgacom, … Read More »


10 Jun

This is just appalling, even with proof of no disease they still killed her animals? Pretty soon, monsanto and other corporations are going to stop everyone from raising animals and growing food on our own land. They want to patent … Read More »