Melbourne Take Back

5 Jan

I shake my head in disbelief every day at what is happening in the World, particilarly in relation to Governments, the UIN and the EIU and there submissio to Isslam. But well this story is a pearler.

The Victorian Government has suddenly decided it wants to try to take back the streets of Melbourne bbbbbbbut wait for it, they want the Federal Government to do it. Not sure what they want the Feds to do, unless they are suggesting the Federal Police or the Australian Army try and take back Melbourne?

The issue is here that the Government has ordered the Police brass to allow the Islamic gangs to do what they like because of the Progressive views on Islamic Submission. So even know where it almost seems that the Victorian Government want to try and retake Melbourne, they somehow want the Feds to do it.

Might be a bit hard guys, because it would take an Act from the Victorian Parliamnet to hand over Policing to the Federal Governmnt. Not only that, the Victorian Government would no doubt run with the Racism thingo, because, be it Police or the Army would have to euthanase some of the scum in order to retake Melbourne (think retaking say Malmo in Sweden) because the scum know that they have been allowed to get away with it.


Police fear ‘ambush risk’ from street gangs

By A Current Affair
7:48pm Jan 1, 2018

A new street gang has emerged in Melbourne, and police have been warned that they might be at risk.

The threat of Apex has been chronicled on A Current Affair before, but now they have company in the form of a group of youths labelling themselves “Menace To Society”.

The surge in street violence and vandalism has sent shockwaves right to the top with MPs from both sides of politics pleading with Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull to take urgent action to try to fix the youth crime crisis.

However, Mr Turnbull blamed Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews, saying the state police force had the capacity to contain the street violence but lacked “political leadership”.

It is believed MTS members were involved in a recent rampage in Werribee, in Melbourne’s west.

Dozens of gate-crashers stormed a house party, brandishing garden stakes as weapons and pelting responding riot police with rocks.

Graffiti tags at the trashed AirBnB home read “MTS” and “Apex”.

“They’ve written that down, I think they’d like to be a gang,” she said.

“They’re wannabees, and I don’t want to give them any notoriety about this.”

However, western Melbourne resident Sophie said gang activity in her area had worsened in recent months.

“I take my dogs out at night and you hear the noise coming from the park,” she said.

“The yelling, the screaming – at one stage I could hear the smashing of bottles.”

Police have also been warned about the risks to themselves.

In one recent incident, police trailed a vehicle in Tarneit being driven by a boy as young as 13.

As the vehicle approached a laneway, a group of up to 40 African youths surrounded the car.

Police believe this was a deliberate ploy to lure officers into the laneway – with no escape or exit paths.

State Shadow Attorney General John Pesutto said it was time to “get tough” on gang activity.

Jafri Katagar, a member of Melbourne’s Sudanese community, said parents were “powerless”.

“The criminal activities they’re doing, it does have an impact on the wider African community because you find the whole African community is being labelled as violent,” he said.