Mandatory data retention in Australia

18 Aug

Dear friends,

While you are askeep attorney General George Brandis wants to introduce mandatory data retention in Australia, accessible by agencies like ASIO without a warrant. Malcolm Turnbull will co-author the bill, but has previously opposed such measures. Let’s call on him to scrap this invasion of privacy and stop the snooping. Sign now!

George Brandis is rushing through a plan to monitor ALL internet users in Australia — that’s information about every phone call we make, every email we send. It’s a huge privacy breach in the name of national security, but we can stop this plan before it becomes law.

Mandatory metadata retention would force internet companies to store information about all web traffic and let law enforcement access it without a warrant. Opposition is rising, and many of these same ISPs have come out strongly against the plan. Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull has opposed similar moves in the past and if we focus huge public opposition on him we can get him to take our voices into Cabinet.

Telco’s don’t want this plan, let’s show them the people don’t want it either. Call on Malcolm Turnbull to fight within Cabinet to scrap this over-reaching plan. Sign the petition now to stop the snooping:

Collecting and storing huge amounts of data on citizens is a radical move. Brandis claims that the new measures are necessary to protect us from the threat of terrorism, but current laws provide intelligence agencies with more than enough information, while maintaining strict rules on privacy. And Tony Abbott has contradicted other ministers and broadened the scope of the proposed scheme to include the address of every website that we visit.

Telco’s don’t want this plan to go ahead either. The collection and storage of so much information may add up to 1000 terabytes of data a day. It’s also extraordinarily expensive and is estimated to cost $500 million for each provider — a cost that no-one knows who will pay for. ISP’s currently store information for billing purposes for five minutes, not two years.

Malcolm Turnbull was critical of the previous Labor government’s plans for mandatory data retention and expressed his “grave misgivings” about the proposal. Let’s keep Turnbull accountable to his previous statements — sign the petition now.

As a community, Avaaz members have come together to protect our freedom on the Internet — we’ve helped slap down laws like ACTA, SIPA and PIPA which threatened our rights online around the world. Let’s do it again here in Australia.

With hope and determination,

Emily, Nic, Mais, Oli, Scott, David and the whole Avaaz team


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