Isaac Kappy

16 May

Thread by @BurnedSpy34: “1. THREAD: Isaac Kappy Why is Kappy in the Australian MSM?… 2. I am disturbed at the vastness […]”

New revelations here –

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Kappy exposes the child slave traders –

Must watch Issac Kappy


Published on May 25, 2019


Thread by @Jesse_onya_m8:  1. :Be careful who you follow, Peter (Eliahi) Priest is a LARP, #Insigniagate is FAKE:

Eliahi Priest is connected to the Gnostic Templars and he is pushing disinformation and division around the Q community.



The fake account of his gf .. now removed.

Imagine being such a stupid, arrogant LARP that you go and tag POTUS and the CIA in a photo of your uranium. 😮🤭

Shills will be shills, some are just more extravagant than others.