Iran’s Political Historical Events and Uranium One Deal

13 May


Thread by @Michaelcraddo16: “1.What do Kerry, Jarrett, Page,HRC, Strzok, Uranium One, Sum Of All Fears, Renegade, EU, A Pickle Factory, Clowns, Brenn […]” #Qanon #Iran

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Thread by @themarketswork: “1) My Latest @EpochTimes Hezbollah’s London Bomb-Making Plot, the Iran Nuclear Deal and Bruce Ohr

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It’s  happening folks (No denying)

Joe M tweet

“CIA-run” just means Deep State controlled, and “arrests” mean #TheStorm. America’s most hostile and pernicious enemies are not other nations, but our very own Intel agencies. We cannot MAGA until these clowns are scattered into the wind. #DarkToLight

#Iran identifies, annihilates @CIA cyber network: Top security official

 Thread by @40_head: “1. Iran Nuclear Deal Never ratified by congress. Why? Would they be committing treason by signing? After all, Iran was a […]” #DestroyingTheDeepState #Qpost

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