Involving ANDREW WILKIE !!!

17 Jan

This post was put by Ernst Millet and I Thought that it is important enough to post it on.

FORGET THE Next election IF THIS BILL IS passed there won’t BE any more elections. the CURRENT ‘Australian Bill of Rights” bill that Andrew Wilkie has put before the parliament RIGHT NOW, if passed, WILL REMOVE most of our rights and circumvent the constitution.

THIS BILL has to be put to the people via referendum but they are pushing it through the house so the people will lose their right under the constitution. this bill will enact the parliament to not only write retrospective law but while ‘TELLING” you you have a new bill of rights will REMOVE your current rights. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD PEOPLE this ISNT a fking PRANK. READ the proposed bill. it places foreign laws ABOVE Australian laws, allows freedom of religion including practice of religious beliefs (Muslims support paedophilia, child marriage, bigamy, FGM, wife bashing) people charged with criminal offences will face TRIBUNAL not a Court of Law (same as China that has 99.99% conviction rate), article 22 (1) will open the door to banning all firearms, 22 (2) will allow the government to remove the elderly from their 5 bedroom home of 50 years and into a commission flat. WAKE THE FUCK UP. this ISNT a fking prank people, this is IN PARLIMENT RIGHT NOW. contact your federal member and TELL them this Bill MUST go to referendum. if they refuse or say they support the bill then they are NOT following their OATH of office to “uphold the constitution” and are TRAITORS and the country is indeed FKED.