He should APOLOGISE to Victorians.

12 Jan

Peter Dutton says Daniel Andrews should consider resigning as premier – and blasts him for appointing lenient judges who hand out ‘soft’ sentences

▪Immigration Minister Peter Dutton says Victoria’s Daniel Andrews should resign
▪His call comes after state premier mocked Mr Dutton’s remarks on African crime
▪Mr Dutton asserted last week Melburnians were too afraid to go out for dinner
▪He also blasted Victorian government for appointing soft magistrates, judges

Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton has called on Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews to consider resigning over his failure to contain the African gang crisis.

The senior Turnbull Government minister has slammed the state Labor government, after its leader mocked Mr Dutton’s assertion Melburnians were too scared to go out for dinner.

‘At the moment Victorians are hearing a premier say that he doesn’t think there’s a problem and that he’s spending all of this time with these red herrings of “come down for dinner” and all this garbage,’ Mr Dutton told Sky News on Thursday.

‘He needs to get out and speak to some of the victims of the crime. He needs to admit that he’s made a problem.

‘He needs to apologise to the Victorian public and if he can’t rectify the problem he needs to consider his own position.’

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A day earlier, Mr Andrews accused the immigration and home affairs minister of trying to ‘get a rise out of people’ and invited him out to dinner.

‘I don’t know how often he spends time in Melbourne. He’s always welcome to come and have dinner,’ the premier said.

Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton says the state’s premier should apologise to Victorians

Daily Mail Australia witnessed police officers being spat on by African youths at Tarneit Central

Mr Dutton accused the Victorian government of being too soft with bail.

‘He’s created a problem because he’s appointed magistrates and judges, in some cases, that are allowing bail and these people to get back out to commit crimes a couple of hours after they’ve first been arrested,’ he told Sky News.

‘There are very soft sentences being imposed, not much deterrence at all being imposed by some of these magistrates and judges.’

In early January, Mr Dutton told Sydney radio station 2GB African gangs were deterring people from going out to dinner.

‘The reality is, people are scared to go out to restaurants of a night-time because they’re followed home by these gangs,’ he said.

‘Home invasions and cars are stolen.’

On the same day, Daily Mail Australia witnessed a flare up between three African teens and 20 police officers, who were spat on, at the Tarneit Central shopping mall in Melbourne’s west.

Mr Dutton said people who hadn’t integrated or adhered to Australian culture are not welcome in Australia. Vandalism at Ecoville Community Park at Tarneit pictured above

The immigration minister wants African youth to be deported if they are convicted of violent crime following a spate of thuggery in Melbourne.

‘Frankly, they don’t belong in Australian society,’ he told 2GB.

Victoria’s Chief Commissioner of Police Graham Ashton on Wednesday described reports Victoria was not a safe place to live as ‘complete and utter garbage’.

He addressed the media with African community leaders after returning from six weeks of sick leave and denied there was a crisis.

During his absence, there has been a spate of African related youth crime, leading to the establishment of a police taskforce.

Victoria’s Chief Commissioner of Police Graham Ashton described reports the state was unsafe as ‘complete and utter garbage’ during a media conference with African leaders

In late December, Menace to Society gang members trashed the Ecoville Community Park at Tarneit, in Melbourne’s west, by destroying furniture, windows and walls and leaving bongs.

Only days before Christmas, ‘MTS’ graffiti was also scrawled on an AirBnB party house at Werribee, also in Melbourne’s west.

Rocks were also pelted at police forcing them to retreat from the house, when more than 100 youths of primarily South Sudanese appearance turned on them.

On Boxing Day, a police officer was kicked in the face when he tried to arrest a 16-year boy at the Highpoint Shopping Centre at Maribyrnong.

In June, a man was struck in the head with a tomahawk when a gang of 15 men burst into a barber shop at nearby Footscray and started brawling.