Federal Reserve bank and the international banking cartel.

16 Jun

The Rothschild’s family and their cronies behind the Federal Reserve bank and the international banking cartel they’ve created.

The way to beat the international bankers and their cronies behind the communist UN Agenda 21 plan is to educate and unite the Constitution defending Americans.
Demand our state Attorney General file charges under the Racketeering Influenced Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO Act) against the Federal Reserve Bank and the corrupt people behind and connected to it for defrauding the citizens of the United States of America and stealing the wealth of our nation.
Sue for 4 trillion dollars payable in gold and have the AG allow all of the other states to join in, adding 4 trillion dollars in gold to the damages as each state joins the lawsuit filing for total damages of 200 trillion dollars payable in Gold that will be returned to the vaults in FT Knox KY. Seize control of the assets of all of the corrupt individuals connected to the central bank and their minions in government offices under forfeiture laws for corruption and then sell off their assets to American citizens.
On July 21, 2008, Richard C. Cook, a featured writer at Dandelion Salad wrote:
“Dr. Ron Paul, the Republican candidate for the 2008 presidential nomination, is not the first U.S. politician to point to the abuses of the Federal Reserve System and call for its abolishment. Similar pleas to get rid of the Fed were made by Reps. Wright Patman (1893-1976) and Henry Gonzales (1916-2000), both Democratic congressmen from Texas and chairmen of the House Banking Committee.
Few recall, however, how controversial the Fed was when it was first proposed and then maneuvered through a recessing Congress just before Christmas 1913. Rep. Charles Lindbergh, Sr., R-MN and father of the future aviator, called the Federal Reserve Act “the worst legislative crime of the ages.”
But the strongest opposition came later, during the Great Depression. The source was Rep. Louis T. McFadden, a Republican representative from Pennsylvania who, as a former bank cashier and president, knew the financial system intimately.”
Rep McFadden said: “When the Federal Reserve Act was passed, the people of these United States did not perceive that a world banking system was being set up here. A super-state controlled by international bankers and industrialists…acting together to enslave the world…Every effort has been made by the Fed to conceal its powers but the truth is–the Fed has usurped the government.”
Again from Richard C. Cook: “McFadden may have paid with his life for his outspokenness.”
McFadden opened investigations and filed charges on the owners of the FED for defrauding the American citizens in 1932 and 33. The globalist behind the FED came after McFadden during the next election but even after he lost his congressional seat in 1934, he remained in the public eye as a vigorous opponent of the financial system; that is, until his sudden death on October 3, 1936, of a ‘dose’ of ‘intestinal flu’ after attending a banquet in New York City.
There were two previous attempts on Louis McFadden’s life. Two bullets were fired at him on one occasion and later he was poisoned at a banquet.
Again form Richard C. Cook: “Evidently the third time the assassins succeeded, and the most articulate critic of the Federal Reserve and the financiers’ control of the nation was dead. He was 60 years old.”
Now that you are more aware of the real problem facing America we must discuss how to defeat the international banking cartel they’ve created.
Start by creating a State Owned Bank to protect the state from the manipulations of the privately owned Federal Reserve Bank as North Dakota did when it became a state.