Family Court is the most dangerous place for parents and children to be

24 Sep

Family Court is the most dangerous place for parents and children to be. It is run indistinguishable to how Organised Criminals run the Mafia with one major difference that unlike the Mafia, these crimes happen within the walls of what is called a “Court of Law”.

Lawyers, legal Counsels and Report Writers commit perjury without fear or shame.

The agreement between the judges and other operatives who are generally friends or married to each other or to the judges is that perjury is allowed and encouraged in order to prolong the proceedings and achieve maximum profit for the Operatives.

In this process, the Operatives have no hesitation to tear apart children from their loving parents, drive them to suicide and murder, loot their assets and bankrupt them.

Lawyers can even become witnesses for their own client(s) by writing sworn statements. However, the judges would not allow the other party cross examine the lawyer/witness! That is the sworn statement of a lawyer is taken as indisputable true facts.

If this approach is questioned, the judges simply refuse to call the witness to the stand for cross-examination.

Perjury is a crime but crimes committed by a lawyer in Family Court is not prosecuted. This amongst many other outrageous and illegal conduct promoted in Family Courts must be investigated and perpetrators brought to justice.

Join close to 28,000 who have voiced their disgust and outrage of what has been allowed to happen by design, for profit, against human and Children Rights in Family Courts, the hell holes of corruption.