Class Action against state Government

5 Jan

I believe that Tarneit and Werribee can easily act against the State Government for its failure of duty of care as under the state’s rights under the Charter which are.

Your right to protection of families and children (section 17)

Families are entitled to protection. Children have the same rights as adults with added protection according to their best interests.

Your right to liberty and security of person (section 21)

Everyone has the right to freedom and safety. The right to liberty includes the right to not be arrested or detained except in accordance with the law. The right to security means that reasonable steps must be taken to ensure the physical safety of people who are in danger of physical harm

It is obviously the state has ignore these rights and residents can force the state government to fix the issues in their communities, and pay them damages.

Secondary it does seem that a number of the offenders are residents of Werribee and Tarneit with them they bring crime and violence. The residents of Werribee and Tarneit should take community AVOs against offenders who committed recent serious or repeat crimes within their townships, and have them remove from their communities for the next ten years. Once offenders are given the boot from the effected suburbs, crime and violence will drop. The residents will sure have a fight ahead of them with left wingers trying to use everything to block this, but it also reveal how the left views them as second rate and couldn’t careless if they live in fear and fall victims to crime.

On thing I am seeing how this nation is not developing for the better but turning into a third world nation. Melbourne is sure on the path to be the next Manila and likely end up far worse place. Political correctness needs to be ban if this is allow to spread and gain much influence, there likely be another Rotherham sex scandal in the future but on a greater scale here in Victoria. I wish Australia return back like the 1980s were we had better lifestyles and more freedoms.