4 Jun

Today, $Goog took down their services in many major centers as a reaction to the bombshell that they have a anti-trust bounty on them, and they're not going to win. A surge of data is moving through the wires. … Read More »

Isaac Kappy

16 May

Thread by @BurnedSpy34: “1. THREAD: Isaac Kappy Why is Kappy in the Australian MSM?… 2. I am disturbed at the vastness […]” New revelations here – Thread by @MIC_810: “Let’s talk about Hanx… is there more here than … Read More »

Her Majesty’s Most Honourable Privy Council and the Great Game!

27 Apr 1) Sir Geoffrey E. Pattie, founder and chairman of Cambridge Analytica and parent SCL Group (Strategic Communications Laboratories); co-founder with George Soros of the Open Society Foundation. — John Barnwell (@JohnBarnwell888) April 24, 2019 2) Alison Saunders, Dir. … Read More »