Brainwashing Tool to Discourage People from Criticizing Jews

30 Jun

The Rothschild global bankster cabal created WW I and II, invented the holocaust hoax as a brainwashing tool to discourage people from criticizing jews, to extort billions from Germany, and as a myth which was utilized in the founding of Israel in 1948. Later, this cabal held a successful coup against the United States on Nov 22, 1963, when it assassinated JFK over a secret diplomatic battle he was having with “Israel” one their illegal nukes and for his efforts to force the jewish lobby, then called The American Zionist Council, to register under the Foreign Agent Registration Act, which would have ended its ability to control congress altogether. Undoubtedly, he was not a fan of the FED either.



Having America under its control, Israel then tried to draw America into its so-called “Six-Day War” of zionist expansionism by way of perpetrating a false-flag attack on the USS Liberty, intending to blame the attack on Egypt. They botched the operation by failing to sink the Liberty, and at this point, the war for Israeli expansionism was temporarily put on hold.

The Israeli Defense Force did try and was defated twice, at the hands of the Islamic Resistance of HizbAllah, to permanently occupy Lebanon, and it became clear that they could get nowhere in their plan to absorb their neighbors into “Greater Israel” without help from the US, but how could this be achieved? Then, like someone un-pausing a video tape, the war for Israeli expansionism suddenly resumed on Sept. 11, 2001, when the Israelis collaborated with corrupt neocons in the US government, staging yet another in a long list of Israeli false-flags against the US to be blamed on Muslims. This operation, like the USS Liberty attack, was badly botched when one of the planes did not reach its target, and WTC 7 collapsed at free-fall speed perfectly into its own footprint for apparently no reason, but in reality it was to prevent anyone from finding out that, like WTC 1 and 2, WTC 7 had been pre-rigged for demolition. The documented evidence of Israeli involvement was largely suppressed due to zionist control of the media. Muslims were framed and demonized as always, and full scale war was waged on the Middle East in accord with Israeli foreign policy advisor Oded Yinon’s ambitious 1982 policy paper, which outlines the plan to balkanize the surrounding nations in the Middle East for expansionism of the Jewish State which would then rule the world in a jewish NWO. Vladimir Putin stymied the Greater Israel project when he exposed and countered a big part of the zionist plot against the Syrian government, but the battle is not over yet to establish a NWO where gentile nations are slaves to the jews, and the jews use the Samson Option and blow up the planet with nuclear bombs if their project somehow goes awry. Now what???