Australian counter-terrorism expert

28 Oct

In the past months I keep seeing and hearing about Australian counter-terrorism expert’s recommend this or that or have described this and that.

eg 1: Tony Abbott’s “Team Australia” campaign as counter-productive
eg 2 : Teen jihadist Abdullah Elmir groomed like paedophile victim.

Id like to know when did they become Australian experts in terrorism or counter terrorism? When did you have the option to take TERRORISM or COUNTER TERRORISM options as a subject in university?

Where do you get your work experience in TERRORISM so that you can become a counter terrorism expert?

Think about what we are told its no adding up! WHY would you want to attack anyone in Australia? What would any Terrorist organisation achieve by attacking anyone in Australia?

Ask yourself why, who, what!  I just don’t buy it!

We keep loosing more of our freedoms when this sort of propaganda is accepted by the sheep.

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