Australian Constitution 1900

7 Jul

SGI07072014: The Australian government is acting illegally under the Constitution 1900. The Australian government is acting within the capacity of an independent corporation.
It has been doing so since 1972 wherein no instrument of law has the blessing of the Crown seal. The contest before all Australians is unity. Australians must see the matter as worthy of contest and change; they must show their support in kind.
We must write to our Local Federal Members to show true cause. That is to ask the question as to why and how this has occurred without referendum. The Westminster system of government is another proposition of this debate in need of reform. Is it more democratic to effect an institution of Local > Federal Government Administration. It should be necessary for all members of parliament to be independents under contract with the Australian people and not of a party society.
The Australian people remain too afraid or lazy in consideration of exercising their right to implement an action in these truths. The Nation will become overwhelmed with all tyranny of parliamentary members becoming of our authorities and so effecting (PPD) and (TPP) without reliable intervention of redress. This is not due democratic process in real terms. It is an evil of self serving, self promoting tyrants forming the order and ideology of directives forming party politics. It is not of the Commonwealth of Society.