Australia Getting RIPPED by the Chinese.

5 Aug

Chinese ship over a million tonnes of iron ore without paying royalties of more than $AUD150 million Chinese Communist government-owned companies have now shipped more than a million tonnes of Australian iron ore concentrate to China without paying Australian company Mineralogy more than $AUD150 million in royalties. With the arrival of the Chinese government-owned ship the Li Dan 6 at the West Australian port of Cape Preston, the Chinese vessel is preparing to transport the 21st shipment of Australian iron ore concentrate without paying for it. Mineralogy Director Clive Mensink said Chinese government-owned CITIC Pacific was in illegal occupation of the port of Cape Preston despite Federal Court rulings in favour of Mineralogy. “Mineralogy is the port operator but the Chinese have refused to give up possession of the port,” Mr Mensink said. “The Chinese are abusing our legal system while stealing Australian resources. This has forced Mineralogy to have to seek another court declaration to remove them which has now been set down for trial in March, 2015, in the Federal Court. “In the meantime, they continue to ship concentrate worth more than $A150 million without paying for it. “They steal our resources and attack our company and make fools of our legal system and Australian democracy. “If this was an Australian company in China stealing Chinese resources and shipping them back to Australia there would be an outcry from the Chinese. “We have seen how the Chinese legal system works and how the Chinese dispense justice to their own citizens. “The Chinese occupying Australian ports is a matter of national security as is the Chinese goal of controlling resources in Australia and destroying Australian enterprises by failing to honour contracts using the courts and unlimited cash to delay and disadvantage Australian companies and workers. “Any free trade agreement with China needs to protect Australia and Australian workers from an invasion of Chinese capital which is destroying Australian living standards.”

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