An Examination of Anti-Gentilism

29 Sep


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An Examination of  Anti-Gentilism

by Inter-City Researchers  

Published in July 1991


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 WE HAVE all been led to believe that the Communists  are the implacable enemies of the Capitalists, especially the super-wealthy,  and seek to rob them of their fortunes. The truth is very different. In his book Zionism Rules the World Henry Klein, a Jewish New York lawyer, wrote: “In  1917, Schiff, Warburg and their associates (super-rich New York Jewish  Bankers) financed Trotsky [Bronstein] and Lenin [Ulyanov] who  overthrew the Russian government. Their revolutionary followers murdered the  Czar and his family and millions of persons in the Ukraine … Communism is no  menace to money control—it is an instrument of money power.”

      An  official American Intelligence Report at the time of the  ‘Russian’ Revolution revealed: “In February 1916, we learned for the first time that a revolution  was being fomented in Russia. We discovered that the persons and concerns given below were engaged in this work of  destruction:

 Jacob Schiff, Felix Warburg, Otto  Kahn, Mortimer Schiff, Jerome Hanauer, Charles Guggenheim and Max  Breitung—Jewish Directors of Kuhn Loeb & Co (Jewish Bank, Rothschild subsidiary, New York). There is  scarcely any doubt that the Russian Revolution, which broke out a year after the above information reached us, was worked up and launched by distinctly  Jewish influences.”

      The  Report listed all of the people who came into prominence in the first Soviet  Government from Zinovieff [real name  Apfelbaum] to Zibar  [real name Martinow]. ‘A’ to ‘Z’, they were all Jews. (A full text of  the report appears in the book Plans of the Synagogue of  Satan.)

      The  Russian General Arsene de Goulevitch in Czarism and  Revolution confirms  that it was Jewish Bankers who financed the Revolution. Later on, (according  to F. J. Irsigler in Who Makes Our Money?) the financing was handled by  a syndicate of international Bankers which included J.P. Morgan and  Rockefeller interests and Lord Rothschild. Rothschild “spent over 21 million  roubles in financing the ‘Russian’ (sic) Revolution.

       The  financiers’ participation  in the Communist take-over of Russia was well known among Allied Intelligence  services, but not a finger was lifted to stop them because they are the real masters of the world.”

      In a  letter published in The Times on 14th November 1919, a British Army officer in  Southern Russia—an eye-witness of the Bolshevik Revolution wrote: “The  Bolshevists form about 5% of the population of Russia—Jews. (80-90% of the  Commissaries are Jews). In towns captured by the Bolshevists the only unviolated sacred buildings are the synagogues, while churches are used for  anything from movie shows to slaughter-houses. If a commissary, steeped in murder and rape, with mutilation, happens to be a Jew, as most of them are,  should he receive exceptional treatment?” His letter goes on to describe in horrific detail the bestial tortures and mass killings inflicted on the Russian people by the Jewish Bolshevists. 


 A one-time Director of British Naval  Intelligence, Admiral Sir Barry Domville, wrote in his memoirs From Admiral  to Cabin-Boy that  Parliament was controlled from behind the scenes by a “Judeo-Masonic  Combination”. Commander Guy Carr, R.N., in his book Pawns in the Game  quoted Domville as stating: “International Jewry, headed by the Jewish  bankers, was the secret power behind the world revolutionary movement”.

      (Carr’s view was that the secret power Domville referred to  was in fact the Masonic sect known as The Illuminati. Many students of secret  societies and subversive cults hold that The Illuminati was Jewish in its intellectual inspiration—and probably also in its leading personnel. It owed  many of its beliefs to The Cabbala and other esoteric Jewish texts.  Certainly the opinions and techniques advocated by The Illuminati bear close  comparison with the contents of The Protocols of the Learned Eiders of  Zion. So in a sense both Domville and Carr were  correct.)

      The  Gangster Bankers created and financed Communism and have kept it going  throughout the years with massive infusions of Western aid. They created it  and they control it. The confrontation between Communism and Capitalism is a pretence. The Bankers, according to Douglas Reed in Far and  Wide “plan to achieve  their objectives through the clash between these masses”. Only recently a  consortium of ‘British’ bankers granted a loan of £3 billion to China and some  £2 billion to Soviet Russia. This means that they have given £5 billion in credit (created out of nothing) to Communists to buy British goods—mainly  high-tech goods which could be used against us in another war. Think what £5 billion would do to help our under-funded hospitals, the aged and disabled.

      The  Capitalist West and the Communist East are controlled by exactly the same  people. “Only recently our race has given the world a new prophet, but he has two faces and bears two  names: on the one side, his name is Rothschild, the leader of all the Capitalists, on the other, Karl Marx, the Apostle of those who want to destroy  the other.”—Blumenthal, Judisk Tidskrift, 1929, Sweden.  


 For nearly half a century the West  spent untold billions of pounds/trillions of dollars to defend itself against  an enemy which it created itself and continues to maintain. Communism in Russia would have collapsed years ago had it not been for the constant  infusions of Western aid. And why? Because the Jews who control both camps have plundered the West to build up their system of Communism with which to threaten the rest  of the world

      The  Soviet military machine is almost entirely the creation of the West, and there  is no such thing as “Soviet technology”—only Western technology on Soviet soil. Since 1917, 90-95% of  ‘Soviet’ technology has come from the United States and Western Europe. We have built for—or sold, or traded, or given outright to—the Communists  everything from steel mills to tyre factories, from copper wire to motor vehicles, from missile equipment to computers. Major Jordan’s Diaries  (New York, 1951) revealed that America delivered to the Soviets “tons of  materials for the manufacture of Atomic bombs”. Commander Baillie Grohman,  R.N., stated in the British newsletter Candour that Russia had complete  access to all of Britain’s technology. Professor Antony Sutton conducted a  massive in-depth study of East-West trade and published his findings in National Suicide: Military Aid to the Soviet Union. He provided masses  of evidence to prove and confirm that “Russia was made in  America”.

      John  Stockwell, of the US Central Intelligence Agency (C.I.A.) broke his secrecy  oath to reveal in his book In search of  Enemies that America  and Russia are not enemies but loyal allies pursuing the same objective: A  One-World Socialist-Communist Dictatorship. (See Henry Kissinger—Soviet  Agent by Frank Capell).

     Louis  Marshalko, on page 227 of his book World  Conquerors, quoted  Chaim Weizmann (the Rothschild-funded leader of Zionist-Jewry during the first  half of the 20th Century) as saying:

    “We are one people despite ostensible rifts, cracks  and differences between the American and Soviet democracies. We are one people  and it is not in our interest that the West should liberate the East, for in doing this and in liberating the enslaved nations the West would inevitably  deprive Jewry of the eastern half of its world empire.”  


Colonel John Beaty of US Military  Intelligence stated in his book Iron Curtain Over  America that Communism  was imposed on Russia by Jews, that members of the same tribe had infiltrated  the American Government and Administration and were the real directors of America foreign policy. Furthermore, they controlled the American media, were  brainwashing the people, undermining the Constitution and destroying America from within.

     Major  Robert Williams of American Counter Intelligence, revealed in his book The  Ultimate World Order  that there was “A Jewish World Power movement hidden inside the Communist  movement” and that “it is the Anglo-Saxon who must be undermined, softened,  brainwashed, made to breed with the dark races if the Zionists are to win”. He  projected that the master strategists would precipitate a Third World War between the Zionist State of Israel—backed by America and the West—and the  Arab-Moslem World, supposedly backed by the Soviets, the real objective, however, was to destroy the industrial and military capacity of the West and Communism. He regarded Communism as merely a temporary tool of Jewish  ambition, and predicted that a Jewish World Super State would be built on the ruins created by such a war. He concluded: “Unless the American people recapture their government and smash the Zionist machine, the insane elements  within that machine may wipe out Mankind”. 


    Douglas Reed stated that Communism and  Zionism both sprang out of the Jewish ghettoes of Eastern  Europe—one to undermine Government from above and the other from below, and that the final objective  of both these movements is the same: Jewish World Government..

    The late  King Faisal of Saudi Arabia who, you will recall, was assassinated, revealed  the truth about Communism when he described Zionism as “the Mother of  Communism”, in an interview published in Newsweek magazine on 2lst  December 1970. He added “It helped to spread Communism around the world. It  is now trying to weaken the US and if the plan succeeds they will inherit the  world … it’s all a great plot. They [Russia and Israel] are only pretending to work against each other in the Middle East… The Zionists are deceiving  the US.. the Communists are cheating the Arabs, but actually they are in league with the Zionists … Zionism and Communism are working hand-in-glove to block any settlement [in the Middle East] that will restore peace.”  


 The present moves in Russia and  elsewhere behind the so-called ‘Iron Curtain’ to give Communism a more human face may  be no more than a propaganda exercise to deceive and soften-up the people of the West. However, we should remember the prediction of David Ben Gurion, the  first Prime Minister of Israel, published in Look magazine of 16th  January 1962:

     “The image of the world in 1987.. the Cold War will be  a thing of the past. International pressure of the constantly growing  intelligentsia in Russia for more freedom and the pressure of the masses for  raising their living standards may lead to a gradual democratization of the Soviet Union.

     “On the other hand, the increasing influence of the  workers and farmers, and the rising political importance of men of science,  may transform the United States into a Welfare State with a planned economy. Western and Eastern Europe will become a federation of autonomous states  having a socialist and democratic regime—with the exception of USSR—as a Federated Eurasian state. All other continents will become united in a World Alliance, at whose disposal will be an international police force …  Jerusalem will be the seat of the Supreme Court of Mankind.”  [Emphasis ours].

     In other  words, the union of Eastern and Western Europe will be a prelude to Jewish  World Government.

     The  Eastern Bloc countries must seem to become more liberal and democratic  preparatory to their absorption into a United States of Europe. A multi-billion pound ‘loan’  to Poland by the European Community is being mooted to prop up its inefficient economy. This means that British resources will pour into Poland instead of  helping the British people. The Poles are hard-working and their present economic mess is due to the corrupt alliance between International Bankers and their previous Communist government.

    It was  recently announced that the industrialised nations—including Britain—have agreed on a £36 billion aid  plan to “help the new European democracies to develop”. Parallel with this is the setting up of a European Central Bank for the use of emergent Eastern Bloc  nations requiring loans. This will bring new problems as once again the money is created out of nothing as an interest-bearing debt.

    What  price our government’s  claim that British workers’ pay rises are fuelling  inflation?

     The  newly-established European Central Bank must therefore be a stage in the  eventual setting up of a Jewish One World Central Bank with a single currency.  Moves are already under way to establish a single European currency.

 It is  significant that many of the leaders of the “new democratic parties” emerging in the Eastern Bloc  are Jews. The electorate in Poland, however, has made a stand against the “Zhids”. 

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In other words Jews can pledge allegiance but on those days of atonement their pledges eg in parliament are null and void



The Jewish day of Yom Kippur, or Kol Nidre, in Australia this year falls on 8th – 9th October (from the evening of the 8th to the evening of the 9th October.)

Here is the wording of the Kol Nidre, the Jewish “Prayer of Atonement.”

This has been taken verbatim from Wikipedia:

“All vows we are likely to make, all oaths and pledges we are likely to take between this Yom Kippur and the next Yom Kippur, we publicly renounce. Let them all be relinquished and abandoned, null and void, neither firm nor established. Let our vows, pledges and oaths be considered neither vows nor pledges nor oaths.” <>

Thus they are stating that any vows, pledges or oaths that they make or take in the future year, (including in a court of law,) shall be null and void – In advance!

This is often done with the praying Jew holding a live chicken by the neck and swinging and waving it over and above his head with one hand, and holding the Jewish prayer book with the Kol Nidre in it, with his other hand, and reading it as he waves the screeching chicken over his head.

According to Jewish tradition, his sins are thereby passed from the Jew and in to the chicken! HELLO ?

So our “Treasurer,” Josh Frydenberg, who took his “oath” of office holding a Hebrew Bible, and wearing his Jewish Karmulke on his head, nullified his “oath” IN ADVANCE! Thus he sits there illegally, scalping the tax-payers, with SCOMO’s approval. (He appointed him!) Both he and Scomo also swore a false oath!