Adrenochrome the Elite and Hollywood

26 May

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You can tie all things together here if you do the math.

A. Legend of Vampires. Hollywood vampires are fiction. Elitist drinking human blood is not fiction. It has gone on for eons.

B. Missing and abducted children. See where they go ? Why do you think the Elites shelter the Satanist? Its a win-win for both. They get blood and Satanists get sacrifices.

C. PizzaGate, Podestas, Marina Obramovic. See how Marinas satanic ritual of splattering blood and reading the splatters for power, info and instructions also ties into the Podestas and Comet Pizza?

D. Bohemian Grove is another place they are known to do sacrifice I.E a victim inside a metal cage and the public thinks it is only an effigy being burned and sacrificed

It all adds up to one little worldwide disgusting inhuman group of people.

THOUSANDS of children go missing every year that are never found OR reported about in the MSM. These kids are used to harvest adrenochrome.

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this is what happens to animals at the time they are slaughtered!! This hormone goes into the meat and then we injest this…..


We decode the Monsters Inc, Coma and Dragnet films, examining the foundations of adrenochromescience and how it relates MK Ultra Media Programming and the pineal gland. The solution is to realize …


Adrenochrome: The Secret Immortality Serum All The Illuminati Use

Adrenochrome: The Secret Immortality Serum All The Illuminati Use

A 2018 documentary about the mysterious substance called “Adrenochrome” and its use for the secret society of the Illuminati.

What is Adrenochrome made of?

Adrenochrome is a chemical compound with the molecular formula C₉H₉NO₃ produced by the oxidation of adrenaline. The derivative carbazochrome is a hemostatic medication. Despite a similarity in chemical names, it is unrelated to chrome or chromium. (…)

Adrenochrome is an adrenaline metabolite that was investigated in several very small studies in the 1950s and 60s. It is supposed to cause mental disorders, derealisation, and euphoria.

What effect does Adrenochrome have?

Originally, the effect was discovered by administering overaged adrenaline preparations containing adrenochrome and adrenaline. Abram Hoffer and Humphry Osmond consider the effect to be similar to LSD and mescaline (psychotomimetic, now called psychedelic). According to them, the hallucinogenic effect of Anderochrom could last for weeks or lead to flashbacks and would be accompanied by paranoid-depressive reactions. They put the thesis on the adrenochrome in mental disorders, such as schizophrenia, might play a role. This “adrenochrome hypothesis” was later developed into the aminochrome hypothesis by Hoffer and Osmond.

What type of drug is Adrenochrome?

The classification of adrenochrome in the group of psychodelica has never become established in the scientific field and further research in this direction hardly took place.

Starting from the mention of adrenochrome in Aldous Huxley’s book The Doors of Perception, it has gained a certain popularity, at least as a name, in popular culture.

What made Adrenochrome popular?

Hunter S. Thompson’s book “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas” claims that adrenochrome is obtained from the adrenal gland of living humans. It is often falsely reported that it would say in the book that it is obtained from the human adrenal gland, but this is only reproduced in the film version.


Hemophilia is an inherited bleeding disorder in which the blood does not clot properly. This can lead to spontaneous bleeding as well as bleeding following injuries or surgery. Blood contains many proteins called clotting factors that can help to stop bleeding. People with hemophilia have low levels of either factor VIII (8) or factor IX (9). The severity of hemophilia that a person has is determined by the amount of factor in the blood. The lower the amount of the factor, the more likely it is that bleeding will occur which can lead to serious health problems.

Hemophilia is rare occurring in about 1 of every 5,000 male births. With the chances of inheriting this blood disorder so small, it seems a bit strange that hemophilia figures prominently in the history of European royalty in the 19th and 20th centuries. Britain’s Queen Victoria, through two of her five daughters, Princess Alice and Princess Beatrice, passed the mutation to various royal houses across the continent, including the royal families of Spain, Germany and Russia. Victoria’s son Prince Leopold, Duke of Albany also suffered from the disease. For this reason, hemophilia was once popularly called “the royal disease”. Tests on the remains of the Romanov imperial family show that the specific form of hemophilia passed down by Queen Victoria was probably the relatively rare Hemophilia B.

What would have caused this? The answer is INBREEDING.

Inbreeding was very common among the royal families of Europe, and it has been linked as the cause of the widespread number of cases of hemophilia in the families.

In the quest for keeping the royal bloodlines pure, inbreeding among the families is a common practice. It is not uncommon that cousins would marry. In recent times, Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip are related. Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh and his wife Elizabeth II are second cousins once removed through Christian IX and also third cousins as they are both great-great-grandchildren of Victoria. … She is also a first cousin to Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden through Victoria’s granddaughter Princess Margaret of Connaught.

Hemophilia was also spread into the Spanish royal family when Victoria Eugenie, a hemophilia carrier and daughter of Beatrice, married Alfonso XIII, the king of Spain. The marriage was arranged to try to bring Spain and England closer together. This attempt did not work when Beatrice gave birth to two sons with hemophilia. This event led to increase anti-British feeling in Spain, because many believed that the Spanish monarchy’s blood line was polluted by this British Princess.

The events in Russia and Spain along with an increase in British hemophiliacs led to political unrest and instability. Many people believe these cases of inbreeding and hemophilia to be a contributing cause to World War I. Moreover, a mystery surrounds the originator of the hemophilia gene in England. No ancestor of Queen Victoria showed any evidence of hemophilia, so several theories arose on the gene’s origin. One theory is that Victoria was the victim of a mutation that could have been due to years of inbreeding in British royalty.

Treating hemophilia in the past has been a challenge. Or has it? ENTER ADRENOCHROME.


Adrenochrome is a chemical compound with the molecular formula C9H9NO3 produced by the oxidation of adrenaline (epinephrine). Adrenochrome is a natural compound found in the adrenal glands that spikes at moments of fear or terror. And it provides a euphoric high so powerful that to take it even once is to become immediately addicted and unable to survive without it. And the only way to get it is to kill and devour frightened children.

The basic idea is to torture or almost fear someone to death and on that dying moment of that person the blood is filled with this adrenalin compound. Then they kill the person and collect the adrenalized blood and drink it or they can separate this so called adrenochrome stuff from the blood and purify it.

Bad thing is that this stuff seems to be more pure in babies so they have to kill them to harvest this elite-drug.

(NOTE: this is why some cultures require the humane killing of animals. If the animal is frightened at the time of death, those hormones are trapped in the meat and transferred to the person that consumes it.).

(NOTE: Prolonged use of this has been shown to cause schizophrenia).

In 1952, two scientists theorized that the oxidized pigment form of adrenaline, called adrenochrome (though having no link to metal of any kind) was present in the brains of patients with severe mental illness. They also theorized that it could cause a euphoric high if ingested. In what they called the “adrenochrome hypothesis”, they speculated that megadoses of vitamin C and niacin could cure schizophrenia by reducing brain adrenochrome. Their research was shut down by the lack of money when their employer was made aware of their research through an “anonymous tip”.

Adrenochrome was all but forgotten until Author Hunter S. Thompson mentioned adrenochrome in his book “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas”. In the footnotes in chapter “April”, page. 140, he quotes: “‘It was sometime after midnight in a ratty hotel room and my memory of the conversation is haze, due to massive ingestion of booze, fatback, and forty cc’s of adrenochrome’.“

Periodically, we would see adrenochrome referenced in pop culture. The harvesting of an adrenal gland from a live victim to obtain adrenochrome for drug abuse is a plot feature in the first episode “Whom the Gods would Destroy”, Series 1 of the British TV series “Lewis” (2008). In Anthony Burgess‘1962 novel “A Clockwork Orange”, “drencrom” (presumably the code word for adrenochrome) is listed as one of the potential drugs that can be added to milk-plus (milk laced with a drug of the consumer’s choice) and in 1982 UK rock band “The Sisters of Mercy” released the double A-side single “Body Electric/Adrenochrome”.

What makes adrenochrome so valuable? It has psychoactive properties and can be used as a mind control drug. It can also be consumed to give someone an “adrenaline high. Aside from mind control and euphoric properties, what else can adrenochrome do? Some believe that consuming the blood of a living creature steal its “life force’ ‘and transfers it to the drinker. Aside from “vampires,” many cults (Satanic and otherwise) are known for drinking human blood. “The Illuminati” would rank high on that list.

But there are other uses for Adrenochrome that the royals have known about for centuries? Adrenochrome essentially cures hemophilia!

Adrenochrome and its derivatives have excellent hemostatic and capillary-stabilizing actions. It is said that there are various factors in hemostatic action, which are generally classified into two groups; one, the capillary factors, and the other, the blood coagulation factors.

This is a quote directly from the U.S. Patent – US3445478A:

“It is now in increasing demand, because of its good hemostatic and capillary-stabilizing effects.”…

Was this medical property already known to the Elite?

The constant need for living subjects, to harvest the chemical out of their adrenal glands, is why Zionists do not want peace in Israel. The status quo of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict has made Palestinians into de facto and de jure second class citizens, who can be legally harvested at any time by any Israeli citizen for organs, tissue, and precious adrenochrome.
They also run massive child trafficking rings all over the world, which buy and sell children (adrenochrome more readily concentrates in a child’s glands, since the glands do not grow much with age, and since children experience massively heightened “fight or flight” reactions and increased adrenaline surges as a result of trauma).
According to the FBI, 460,000+ children go missing in the U.S. every year.

Remember the term “walnut sauce” from the “pizzagate” WikiLeaks emails? The pineal gland resembles a walnut. In Podesta’s emails, he refers to “walnut sauce” twelve times in correspondence sent to various people including James Pearson Steyer (, Mary Podesta, Eleanor Clift (The Daily Beast), and others.

The Elite never intended for this information to be made public – but we know that everything that is hidden will eventually come into the light of revelation. This is just another one of their hidden horrors!

Adrenochrome: The Elites Darkest Secret

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