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Unfortunately the main stream media have been compromised and will only publish / cover what they are told too, the main stream media is the tool used to keep the masses in line and away from the truth (TRUTH MEDIA).

We are one of many like minded sharing information to educate the masses.

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By following the bread crumbs.

With the antics of our politicians and my personal beliefs, I am inclined to side with the G77. A corrupt UK & USA is a threat to the world. Keep in mind though, what the world doesn’t understand is that many of us are waking up to the corruption and crimes of the UK and US administrations. This NWO must be stopped and the only way to do it is to remove the world banks and oil Barrons ( which happen to be the same thing) that own the world and only by replacing the monetary system with a resource based economy can we as a world community come together and prosper. Think about it. No money= no corruption…no leaders…..no war…..no masters….no slaves…All countries and people’s equal and free.

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