Adrenochrome the Elite and Hollywood

26 May

C/O The Underground Network – You can tie all things together here if you do the math. A. Legend of Vampires. Hollywood vampires are fiction. Elitist drinking human blood is not fiction. It has gone on for eons. B. Missing … Read More »

Pindar pyramid in the 1900s

25 May

GEORGE W P HUNT He was interred in a WHITE PYRAMID set ATOP a hill in PHOENIX's PAPAGO PARK ,ARIZONA HUNT Connects to the SHEEP & CATTLE WARSIAM + OPIUM Was GEORGE W HUNT on the top of the PINDAR PYRAMID in … Read More »

Seth Rich Story

24 May

To be continued. … News Update –   Mentions Seth Rich and Wikileaks involvement in exposing Clinton’s John Podesta emails.. (Seth Rich’s insurance policy) Except [THEY] killed him anyway) The Clinton Conspiracy. Accurate 10 min. video must watch.   YouTube … Read More »

Isaac Kappy

16 May

Thread by @BurnedSpy34: “1. THREAD: Isaac Kappy Why is Kappy in the Australian MSM?… 2. I am disturbed at the vastness […]” New revelations here – Thread by @MIC_810: “Let’s talk about Hanx… is there more here than … Read More »