All Things Venezuela….

22 Jun

This is a good thread on the backstory that has led us to this point in #Venezuela. The Trump Administration is literally healing the world from the poison sting of globalism, one failed state at a time. #MAGA is the … Read More »

Justine Trudeau Exposè

17 Jun

  Thread about Justin Trudeau click on link below to read – 👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇 #QAnon


8 Jun

  More information about the photographer mentioned in the latter part of the video above – James Robertson (1813–1888) was an English gem and coin engraver who worked in the Mediterranean region, and who became a pioneering photographer working in the Crimea and possibly India. He is noted for his … Read More »


4 Jun

Today, $Goog took down their services in many major centers as a reaction to the bombshell that they have a anti-trust bounty on them, and they're not going to win. A surge of data is moving through the wires. … Read More »

The Pope the Vatican and the Holy See

1 Jun

Q alluded to Holy See & Giulio Occhionero questioned why Kieram Ramsey wouldn’t testify in the Italian Eye Pyramid court case. Maybe he should testify in the US Everything is connected I would like to recognize two members of our … Read More »

Adrenochrome the Elite and Hollywood

26 May

C/O The Underground Network – You can tie all things together here if you do the math. A. Legend of Vampires. Hollywood vampires are fiction. Elitist drinking human blood is not fiction. It has gone on for eons. B. Missing … Read More »

Pindar pyramid in the 1900s

25 May

GEORGE W P HUNT He was interred in a WHITE PYRAMID set ATOP a hill in PHOENIX's PAPAGO PARK ,ARIZONA HUNT Connects to the SHEEP & CATTLE WARSIAM + OPIUM Was GEORGE W HUNT on the top of the PINDAR PYRAMID in … Read More »

Seth Rich Story

24 May

To be continued. … News Update –   Mentions Seth Rich and Wikileaks involvement in exposing Clinton’s John Podesta emails.. (Seth Rich’s insurance policy) Except [THEY] killed him anyway) The Clinton Conspiracy. Accurate 10 min. video must watch.   YouTube … Read More »