15 Sep

WOULD IT SURPRISE YOU??? DID YOU ALSO KNOW THAT ISRAELS’ MOSSAD CREATED HAMAS??!     by Jonathan Azaziah – It’s been 17 years. 17 long, hard and savagely bloody years that have left tens of millions murdered, maimed and displaced in … Read More »

Sugar Solution

24 Jan

Only reducing the sugar content will reduce sugar intake. Fred Pawle from Menzies Research Centre: A sugar tax on soft drinks won’t reduce obesity. In the US sales of soft drinks have gone up where the tax doesn’t apply by … Read More »


17 Jan

The banks have corrupted parliaments and courts in order to achieve their seemingly invincible position. Through the parliaments, banks have set in place legislation which form the blue print and provide the means to realize their goal. However, such legislation … Read More »


17 Jan

Update: 11th February, 2010: Bank of England admits this all in a published Bulletin “Cash” is banknotes and coins. “Cash” cannot be “money” for the simple reason that about 93% of all “money” is simply numbers on computer databases. And, … Read More »

Involving ANDREW WILKIE !!!

17 Jan

This post was put by Ernst Millet and I Thought that it is important enough to post it on. FORGET THE Next election IF THIS BILL IS passed there won’t BE any more elections. the CURRENT ‘Australian Bill of Rights” … Read More »