US Election 2016!

9 Nov

What a HUGE victory today for everyone who is genuinely concerned about their righs and their freedoms. Killary is lying, murdering, war monger who deserves to rot in jail – seriously, who enters politics (with Bill) with $1 million and … Read More »

4 November The CEC Report

7 Nov

Latest from the CEC Robert Barwick is joined by Jeremy Beck for the 4 November The CEC Report, the weekly half hour political and economic update of the CEC’s fight to save Australia from economic collapse. The report is now posted on our website, … Read More »

Local Government Act submissions

20 Oct

Here is the link to the Local Government Act submissions that we were just talking about on air – Be sure to make your submissions and ask them all of the relevant questions from our Local Government page.

The CEC Report – 14 October 2016

16 Oct

Published on 16 Oct 2016 1. To help avert WWIII, Australia must withdraw from Syria 2. Without Glass-Steagall, Deutsche Bank ‘could take down world banking system’ Hosted by Elisa Barwick and Craig Isherwood Published on 16 Oct 2016


15 Oct   We FINALLY have an actual politician, right here in Australia, talking openly about the very issues we have all be discussing for so long – NOW, Agenda 21, global warming etc.

Restore Australia

13 Oct

Please support Mike Holt and Restore Australia to help bring about a change to Section 128 of our Commonwealth Constitution to allow ALL Australians – not just politicians – to initiate a Referendum. You can see his election declaration here … Read More »