Australian Republic

4 Jan

I used to think Australia should be a republic, cut the strings with mother England and have its own head of state but naively thought it would be a name change and the laws would stay the same. How little … Read More »

US Election 2016!

9 Nov

What a HUGE victory today for everyone who is genuinely concerned about their righs and their freedoms. Killary is lying, murdering, war monger who deserves to rot in jail – seriously, who enters politics (with Bill) with $1 million and … Read More »

4 November The CEC Report

7 Nov

Latest from the CEC Robert Barwick is joined by Jeremy Beck for the 4 November The CEC Report, the weekly half hour political and economic update of the CEC’s fight to save Australia from economic collapse. The report is now posted on our website, … Read More »

The CEC Report – 14 October 2016

16 Oct

Published on 16 Oct 2016 1. To help avert WWIII, Australia must withdraw from Syria 2. Without Glass-Steagall, Deutsche Bank ‘could take down world banking system’ Hosted by Elisa Barwick and Craig Isherwood Published on 16 Oct 2016