17 Nov

So when the question on climate change was asked and if its an economic issue, Treasurer Joe Hockey responded simply: “no, absolutely not.” Well MR HOCKEY let me give you the heads up! CLIMATE CHANGE, GLOBAL WORMING has caused the cost … Read More »

Meta Data Collection will save the world

11 Nov

The PR Department at ‘Your Internet Company’ ™ have put together a helpful video to explain how meta data collection by the government isn’t an invasion of your privacy at all, and it will save you from terrorists and it’s … Read More »

Economic Freedom – Topher VBlog 005 ver2

1 Nov

Published on 16 Oct 2013 Follow Topher: @TopherField or How would you like more money in your pocket? That’s what ‘Economic Freedom’ is all about! The latest ‘Economic Freedom of the World’