Know Your Enemy!

4 Jan

The Cultural Marxists operate at every level of society but out in the street… This is your enemy…. The new Brown Shirts comprised mostly of (shocker!) Disaffected Millenials…. These people are pussies one on one but get enough of them … Read More »

Australian Republic

4 Jan

I used to think Australia should be a republic, cut the strings with mother England and have its own head of state but naively thought it would be a name change and the laws would stay the same. How little … Read More »

Secret Rockefeller System Exposed

2 Jan

In this video, Jason Bermas discuses the revelation of the secret Rolodex system that David Rockefeller personally used to categorize over 100,000 individuals with over 200,000 cards. Some of his globalist ties are exposed through these revelations.