Anarchy does NOT mean ‘Chaos’,

10 Jun

Anarchy does NOT mean ‘Chaos’, ‘Lawlessness’ or ‘No Rules’. Anarchy merely means no Rulers or Masters (An = the absence of, Archon = Ruler/Master)! Learn what Anarchy ACTUALLY MEANS, and not the totally inaccurate, connotative definition that most people have … Read More »


10 Jun

PUBLIC FORUM on DEFENDING OUR RIGHTS at the TAMWORTH TOWN HALL, 26-28 Fitzroy St., Tamworth, NSW 2340  on Saturday 16th August 2014 at 12:00 noon. FREE ADMISSION, for course.   ******************** LEARN FROM EACH OTHER.   PROTECT YOURSELVES, YOUR FAMILIES & YOUR COUNTRY.   … Read More »

10 Jun

This is How Psychiatrists & Big Pharma Create Mass Shootings – See more at: READ MORE HERE

6 Jun

Mercury in influenza vaccines found to be 100 times higher than Australian limit for complementary medicine Read more at