8 Jan

EYEING UP FRAUD AND THEFT ON THE $59 BILLION ANNUAL GOVERNMENT EXPENDITURE The take-over of Australia’s capital, Canberra, by Bill Shorten’s Crime Gang seems to be complete with known fraudster and thief Andrew Landeryou now spruiking himself as a “Labor … Read More »

The breakdown of law and order.

6 Jan

is being aided and abetted by the very people we have given the responsibility for law enforcement and the administration of justice i.e. the apprehending, prosecuting & punishing of law-breakers. We, the public, are being disrespected and defrauded with our … Read More »

Melbourne Take Back

5 Jan

I shake my head in disbelief every day at what is happening in the World, particilarly in relation to Governments, the UIN and the EIU and there submissio to Isslam. But well this story is a pearler. The Victorian Government … Read More »

Class Action against state Government

5 Jan

I believe that Tarneit and Werribee can easily act against the State Government for its failure of duty of care as under the state’s rights under the Charter which are. Your right to protection of families and children (section 17) … Read More »