He should APOLOGISE to Victorians.

12 Jan

Peter Dutton says Daniel Andrews should consider resigning as premier – and blasts him for appointing lenient judges who hand out ‘soft’ sentences ▪Immigration Minister Peter Dutton says Victoria’s Daniel Andrews should resign ▪His call comes after state premier mocked … Read More »

Four key reasons why the left supports islam.

12 Jan

The question arises of why Islamism is defended by progressivists and the left, as its anti-Western, anti-Christian, anti-Semitic, anti-modern, anti-intellectual, genocidal, misogynistic, homophobic, barbaric, violence-laden, theocratic, and apocalyptic nature is clear to anyone who studies the masses of Islamist material … Read More »

Serco to operate a Centrelink call centre.

11 Jan

Breaking News: The Turnbull Government will allow multinational company Serco to operate a Centrelink call centre. This move will put thousands of vulnerable Australians at risk. One of the biggest Zionist controlled companies in the world who control all the … Read More »

Labor’s negative gearing hoax

10 Jan

It is disingenuous for Labor to claim that its negative gearing policy would have a negligible impact on the housing market. Isn’t it the purpose of policy to have an impact? In reality, Labor’s proposal to restrict negative gearing to … Read More »

What is a housing bubble?

10 Jan

Written by Douglas Ross in Buying on January 2, 2018 Share Tweet Pin A housing bubble is just one example of the various kinds of economic bubbles that can occur in the market. The basic definition of a bubble is … Read More »