War on CASH!

23 Apr

How long till the banks introduce this here. War on Cash Intensifies: JPMorgan Chase Bans Storage of Cash in Safety Deposit Boxes Read the Full Story HERE. http://www.dcclothesline.com/2015/04/22/war-on-cash-intensifies-jpmorgan-chase-bans-storage-of-cash-in-safety-deposit-boxes/

Wi-Fi Epidemic?

26 Feb

In some of Europe’s largest countries Wi-Fi has been banned from daycare centres and nurseries and more and more schools – but there is currently no similar moves here in Australia. Recently France banned wi-fi from centres where children under … Read More »

Tony Abbott – TAKE DOWN

10 Feb

Dec 15 2015 is a critical date in the events that have occurred in the last week in Australia. Australian Prime minister elect has been hounded in the past weeks to step down while the liberal party is in turmoil. … Read More »