Labor’s negative gearing hoax

10 Jan

It is disingenuous for Labor to claim that its negative gearing policy would have a negligible impact on the housing market. Isn’t it the purpose of policy to have an impact? In reality, Labor’s proposal to restrict negative gearing to … Read More »

What is a housing bubble?

10 Jan

Written by Douglas Ross in Buying on January 2, 2018 Share Tweet Pin A housing bubble is just one example of the various kinds of economic bubbles that can occur in the market. The basic definition of a bubble is … Read More »


8 Jan

EYEING UP FRAUD AND THEFT ON THE $59 BILLION ANNUAL GOVERNMENT EXPENDITURE The take-over of Australia’s capital, Canberra, by Bill Shorten’s Crime Gang seems to be complete with known fraudster and thief Andrew Landeryou now spruiking himself as a “Labor … Read More »

Melbourne Take Back

5 Jan

I shake my head in disbelief every day at what is happening in the World, particilarly in relation to Governments, the UIN and the EIU and there submissio to Isslam. But well this story is a pearler. The Victorian Government … Read More »