More Criminals in Government

15 Jan

by TrueBlue Observer|Published December 26, 2017 MORE CRIMINALS IN GOVERNMENT WHY ARE YOU PAYING SUPERANNUATION? Do you know that the Australian Tax Office (ATO), ever since World War 2, has been collecting money into a national pension fund, and that … Read More »

Stolen Democracy

15 Jan

How did successive governments…all led by political parties…steal our democracy and destroy our nation? Criminals in Government

Budget Explained

14 Jan

Spend the allocated finances (BUDGET) for this financial year so next year we can ask for additional 25% funding for our (BUDGET). It’s that simple. This is the only reason that the cost of living is going up. Think about it! … Read More »

Bill 3.

12 Jan

This is the Banking and Financial Services Commission of Enquiry Bill 2017. This is still before Parliament but apparently the Royal Commission has already commenced. One interesting point is that this Bill will Blind the Crown so will limit the … Read More »

Millions were rorted.

12 Jan

How many millions were rorted through the fake childcare centers they were running and sent to ISIS. We really have stupid politicians in this country. ▪ Robo debts that will mostly turn out wrong, but the Government needs you to … Read More »