Bill 3.

12 Jan

This is the Banking and Financial Services Commission of Enquiry Bill 2017. This is still before Parliament but apparently the Royal Commission has already commenced. One interesting point is that this Bill will Blind the Crown so will limit the … Read More »

Millions were rorted.

12 Jan

How many millions were rorted through the fake childcare centers they were running and sent to ISIS. We really have stupid politicians in this country. ▪ Robo debts that will mostly turn out wrong, but the Government needs you to … Read More »

He should APOLOGISE to Victorians.

12 Jan

Peter Dutton says Daniel Andrews should consider resigning as premier – and blasts him for appointing lenient judges who hand out ‘soft’ sentences ▪Immigration Minister Peter Dutton says Victoria’s Daniel Andrews should resign ▪His call comes after state premier mocked … Read More »

Four key reasons why the left supports islam.

12 Jan

The question arises of why Islamism is defended by progressivists and the left, as its anti-Western, anti-Christian, anti-Semitic, anti-modern, anti-intellectual, genocidal, misogynistic, homophobic, barbaric, violence-laden, theocratic, and apocalyptic nature is clear to anyone who studies the masses of Islamist material … Read More »

Serco to operate a Centrelink call centre.

11 Jan

Breaking News: The Turnbull Government will allow multinational company Serco to operate a Centrelink call centre. This move will put thousands of vulnerable Australians at risk. One of the biggest Zionist controlled companies in the world who control all the … Read More »

Labor’s negative gearing hoax

10 Jan

It is disingenuous for Labor to claim that its negative gearing policy would have a negligible impact on the housing market. Isn’t it the purpose of policy to have an impact? In reality, Labor’s proposal to restrict negative gearing to … Read More »

What is a housing bubble?

10 Jan

Written by Douglas Ross in Buying on January 2, 2018 Share Tweet Pin A housing bubble is just one example of the various kinds of economic bubbles that can occur in the market. The basic definition of a bubble is … Read More »