Local Government Act submissions

20 Oct

Here is the link to the Local Government Act submissions that we were just talking about on air – http://www.yourcouncilyourcommunity.vic.gov.au/submission Be sure to make your submissions and ask them all of the relevant questions from our Local Government page.

The CEC Report – 14 October 2016

16 Oct

Published on 16 Oct 2016 1. To help avert WWIII, Australia must withdraw from Syria 2. Without Glass-Steagall, Deutsche Bank ‘could take down world banking system’ Hosted by Elisa Barwick and Craig Isherwood Published on 16 Oct 2016


15 Oct

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sES6_OXPwOU&feature=player_embedded   We FINALLY have an actual politician, right here in Australia, talking openly about the very issues we have all be discussing for so long – NOW, Agenda 21, global warming etc.

Restore Australia

13 Oct

Please support Mike Holt and Restore Australia to help bring about a change to Section 128 of our Commonwealth Constitution to allow ALL Australians – not just politicians – to initiate a Referendum. You can see his election declaration here … Read More »